Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And so it begins (UPDATE #3) Blues Takes Malonis as Attorney

I blog, not anonymously, but as myself, so that I may be accountable. I am a threat it would seem, to some. Odd though, that it is not someone with a face that threatens me, but someone without one:
Anonymous said...
"By the way Pharisee, I turned you in this morning in (V)ermont for harassment to local police, after reading how you have harassaed [sic] and threatened another poster on this blog.

Strange the officer seemed to know who you are , and stated, this isn't the first time someone has complained about you."
My reply:
"Do you mind telling me which agency Anonymous? I will be happy to pay them a visit."
And the coward added this:
"I also turned in a complaint to google for invasion of privacy of another poster."

September 30, 2009 1:13 PM
Further, Anonymous said...
"Im [sic] sure you will be getting a visit shortly Pharisee"

September 30, 2009 1:14 PM
Strangely reminiscent of how this all went down to start with. Isn't it?

I do not think that blogging in the clear is a magic lotion with which I righteously anoint myself so that nothing bad will happen to me. It is a bane for most cowards, but not for other truly ugly ones.

Hugh McBryde
Montpelier, Vermont


I contacted the following agencies:

Berlin City Police Department, Vermont.
I work in the Berlin Jurisdiction. No complaints have been filed.

Montpelier Police Department, Vermont.
I live in Montpelier. No complaints have been filed.

The Vermont State Police, located in our Capitol City, Montpelier, where I live.
No complaints have been filed.

Barre Vermont Police Department.
Some people easily confuse the location I live in with Barre, I called them, they have received no complaint. They assured me they would not even respond to a complaint made about me as I do not live or work in their jurisdiction.

The Washington County Sheriff refers all such complaints to the State Police. They have received no complaint, and have not passed it on.

UDPATE #2 - At 5:35pm EDT, "Blues" updated his blog by deleting my posts. Meh. That his his privilege. He runs his site, I do not. If He/She thinks I will violate his "strong suggestion" that I not post at his site or communicate with him, she/he is wrong, but let us say the issue of "censorship" is now settled.

TransBluesMan seems to think that Natalie Malonis is a hotshot attorney, and has retained her, or so "Blues" alleges:
"I have deleted all of Hugh's posts since he went on a rant and hijacked the thread.

Hugh, check your e-mail. It has instructions for any further communications with me to be through my attorney, since you saw fit to threaten legal action.

Do not contact me directly, including through this blog by posting comments."
Blues however, chose to leave up the remarks in which an anonymous poster says they HAD already turned me in to law enforcement. Again, meh, since that was not done.

What is interesting is, that Blues has now identified Natalie Malonis as Blues legal representative. If you have any complaints, I'd rush right over to her law office and file them. Here is the text of Blues email missive. It should be noted that Blues first contacted me, many months ago. Not the other way around. Now she doesn't want to talk anymore:

I have retained Natalie Malonis to represent me in this matter. She will be contacting you to provide the location where the subpoena may be served. All communications about this matter should be through her.


Texas Bluesman"
I now pronounce thee, Attorney and Troll. Sore losers.

UPDATE #3 (and hopefully the last) From LambChop's blog:
"Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know, I did NOT turn Pharisee into the police in Vermont..

I did however file a complaint against him with google, because of his treatening behaviour.

His constant accusing and threats against bloggers should be stopped.

Threatening someone by internet, email , or stalking or harassing them is illegal.

If you read the terms of service for google, he would know that.

I stated I called the police, hoping Pharisee would stop his malicious behaviour. I see it didn't.

I am a real person, and Im not TxBlueman or Betty or anyone else.

One poster is now going to report me to the "Southern Poverty Law Center." I suppose reports to Google and fictitious reporting to LE isn't working.

This is why I only allow "registered" comments, and also why I moderate my comments. Originally this blog had no controls on who commented, but as it became more popular, I restricted comments to registered users, and finally, moderated the comments.

The reasoning is as follows:

Registered users are accountable to someone. I greatly prefer up front postings by people who are known, but if a user is registered, they generally can be found if the need arises. By the entity who registered them.

Because that did not stop wild accusations and "oh yeah" type postings, I also made the comments moderated. This blog has NEVER encouraged comments, it ACCEPTS comments. I have even considered full scale private registration for commenting on the blog, and thereby making those who comment, always known to me and then allowing within that context, unmoderated posting.

It would APPEAR that Blues is concerned that blues is identified as the "anonymous" poster. Blues could clear that up a little by requiring registered posters. Blues could also moderate comments. Blues does not.

The fact is "Hannah" is not believable. Hannah has stated that Hannah lies for manipulative effect. Everything that comes out of Hannah's mouth after that, is subject to belief by verification only. I cannot accept reliably that "Hannah/Anonymous" was "Anonymous/Threatener." I cannot accept reliably that "Hannah/Anonymous" is not not the Threatening Anonymous any more than I can accept that Blues is not either. You see, whoever made the claim to have called the police is a bald faced liar. Whoever made the claim that they were the liar that called the police, admits to being a liar. It's a house of cards.

Blues COULD take down the threats. All of them, including vile remarks that go entirely to character assassination, just as Blues removed remarks of mine to make it appear as if I had done something threatening myself. Blues is an anonymous troll, and if he has offended you, contact Blues Attorney Malonis, and get them to show up in court.

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Robert said...

So do the anonymous realize that you will get to face your accuser?

Anonymity will be over.

The Pharisee said...

Well, LOL, they do now. I have no dog in the "anonymity" fight.

I'm not anonymous.

kbp said...

"...She will be contacting you to provide the location where the subpoena may be served."

That's rather strange!

So now they contact you "to provide the location where the subpoena may be served."
so that serving it is easier?

Am I missing something here?

The Pharisee said...

I can provide the electronic trail that proves the email address is for the blogger named "TxBluesMan."

This person has claimed Natalie as an attorney.

If any of you have a beef with Blues, then contact Natalie.

One of two things will happen.

Blues will be exposed for who Blues is.

Blues will be proved to be a lousy liar.

Blues is already proved to be an idiot, because anyone who has Natalie Malonis as an attorney, is an idiot.

I'm an idiot for ever thinking Blues was somebody.

Mia culpa.

kbp said...

"Blues is already proved to be an idiot,"

I have never disputed the claim TBM made as to he/she being an attorney.

While the ol' saying tells us that any attorney who represents his/herself has a fool for a client, I'd be comfortable saying any client of Malonis is a bigger fool.

IMO, Malonis is a puppet that has accomplished nothing beyond harassment in the YFZ mess.

The Pharisee said...

Now Malonis Mailed Me!