Saturday, September 12, 2009

CNN admits in a left handed way, Tea Parties have GRASS ROOTS.

According to CNN, the Tea Party movement has anger, but no "dominant leaders."
Isn't that what a movement is? Isn't that the very definition of "grass roots," provided of course, you delete the word "anger?"
CNN - "Deborah Johns is the angry conscience of the tea party movement.

'Question everything your government is doing,' she tells a crowd of about 100 from the bus's stage in the parking lot of the Winners casino in Winnemucca, Nevada."
More quotes:
"The men and women in our military didn't fight and die for this country for a communist in the White House," she says, and the crowd erupts in a chant of "U-S-A, U-S-A!"
Typical "Dark Mood" stuff:
"The crowd is its own sideshow. Tea partyers are a creative lot, and many in the crowd express themselves by way of their clothing and signs.

'Obamacare Condense Cream of Crap soup' reads a sign in Sparks, Nevada. In Dallas, Texas, a darker mood prevails. A homemade sign with 'Obama Lies' features a bold, black swastika."
Hey, CNN! Could you turn out the lights on your way out? By the way, on occasion, one should be angry. I wouldn't define what you now admit to be truly a grass roots movement, by anger.

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