Saturday, September 12, 2009

Human Carpet Teaparty in Washington DC. Who is this group? AMERICANS

"The White House on Friday claimed it was unaware of the planned rally.

'I don't know who the group is,' White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters with a shrug.

But a House leadership aide has warned fellow Democrats that up to 2 million demonstrators could turn out." (FoxNews)

Sleeping Giant, Silent Majority, whatever you want to call them, they're not happy. Forget your million man march. Look at what's going down. Instapundit. I don't think Barack or his spokesman "get's it." Do you?
" 'It looks like Saturday's event is going to be a huge gathering, estimates ranging from hundreds of thousands to 2 million people,' Doug Thornell, an aide to Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., wrote in a memo obtained by

But conservatives believe the memo is ploy to inflate expectations for the turnout anticipating that it will fall short.

'It's an old political tactic to get out in front and make wild projections and when they're not met, claim their opponents don't have the juice,' said Pete Sepp, a spokesman for the National Taxpayers Union, one of the organizers of the rally."
White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs claims NOT to know "who the group is." Robert. They're AMERICANS.

Don Surber's "Too funny" take on it is Butch and Sundance:

From the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”:

Butch Cassidy: How many are following us?
Sundance Kid: All of ‘em.
Butch Cassidy: All of ‘em. What’s the matter with those guys?

Is it me, or is the coverage from NBC a bit snarky?
"The forecast for Saturday's first-ever Taxpayer March on D.C. is cloudy, wet and a bit cold.

The organizers behind the march seem to think otherwise. 'The day is expected to the HOT (82), HUMID (66%) and BRIGHT (UV index 7),' according to the 09.12.09 March on Washington web site, in its aptly-titled article, 'How to be prepared for Saturday.'

Actually, that looks more like Sunday's forecast, but hey, who are we to protest?

Encouraged by conservative commentators such as Fox's Glenn Beck and organized virtually on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, FreedomWorks -- the main organization behind the event -- predicts the march will constitute 'the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives ever,' according to USA Today."
CNN says "Tea Party Movement has anger, no dominant leaders. Well, sort of CNN. Witless ones. That's why they call it a MOVEMENT.

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Toes said...

Sheesh. They DON'T KNOW who "the group" is. They had better know, and real quick, it's not ONE GROUP. It's not a right-wing version of ACORN that they can accuse of having orchestrated a march on Washington in order to embarrass the President.

There is not ONE organization that has pulled this together, it's a disparate collection of groups from towns and cities all over our nation. It's a collection of Citizens Who Want Their Voices Heard.

Maybe they'll order out the Dept of Health to set up swine flu shots on each corner and then tell us the immunization drive was a huge success.

The Pharisee said...

"Who's that?"

"Um, the country..."

Carol said...

I personally would have liked to have slapped the smirk off Robert Gibs face when he made the statement, 'I don't know who this group is.' The WH knew alright who this group was.
It was rude and shows how the WH think of those who do not agree with the present administration plan to pass legislation affecting our lives and we have nothing to say about it.
I was very proud of the people in that march. It was a pity obama was out of town that day and could not meet with them.
I hope to see more marches, I do not think any will compare with this one.

Jam Inn said...

2 Million turns out to be slightly overstated? Washington DC Police estimates were under 50,000 and Washington DC Firemen estimated 60,000 to 70,000. No aerials of this protest are going to be published because the rally areas will be mostly trees and grass. Freedom Works has made no comments on the puny Tea Party.

The Pharisee said...

Depends Jam,

IF you say I SAID there were millions, I suggest you go back and read the post. It is heavily qualified.

I tire of dealing with persons like yourself who constantly take QUALIFIED remarks and turn them into declarative statements. In fact, I think you either DON'T KNOW the difference or you intentionally play dumb.

Works for you in the latter case, I guess.

Nevertheless the Boston Herald reported that the PARK SERVICE dutifully estimated similar crowds at Obama's inauguration as "1.8 million."

Using that sort of relative "on the order of" estimation technique, I suppose there were about 2 million people at Saturday's Tea Party.

A good number of the "Green Spaces" were green because they had been cordoned off by the Park Service, something that Tea Party participants took seriously.

I don't know how many people there were, but many say there were at least as many as the inaugural crowd.