Sunday, September 06, 2009

No, it's not important to get into the "What is Legal Marriage" fight.

Because it doesn't affect you, right?
I have repeatedly stated that I am not FOR the legalization of "Same Sex Marriage" but neither does it bother me overmuch if the law blesses their relationship in some way and calls it marriage, but we're LOSING all the battles, or most of them, when it comes to fights with homosexuals, and their rights.
The Associated Baptist Press - "The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Aug. 31 that a lawsuit filed by taxpayers to end state funding of Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children -- now known as Sunrise Children's Services --can move forward.

It overturned a decision by a lower court last year to dismiss the case following a Supreme Court ruling that narrowed taxpayers' rights to sue over allegations of state-sponsored religion.

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Alicia Pedreira, who was fired from her job as a family specialist at Spring Meadows Children's Home after her employers found out she was a lesbian. Her termination notice said she was fired because her 'homosexual lifestyle' was contrary to the agency's values. A later policy announcement cited KBHC's 'Christian values.' "
Hat tip to "True Discernment."

That's not exactly a "Gay Marriage" issue, I know, but that's the foot in the door. Activist organizations don't just get a foot in the door, they also push all the way in and then kick you out. It's important to know where to fight the battle. Not knowing where to draw the lines on marriage means not being able to tell people what they do is sexually moral or immoral. Not being able to prevent them from "marrying," legally, means we must define it morally. We won't win the battle on "traditional marriage" because as Christians, we don't define marriage "conservatively," we already define it "progressively." Marriage includes polygyny as part of the traditional spectrum. You think you can draw the line culturally. Mostly because you don't even think you're defining marriage culturally. But you are, and you're going to lose the whole fight. That is, if you're a monogamy only advocate.

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Robert said...

What else is to be expected from a godless and amoral government?

The Pharisee said...

Th same thing Esther and Mordecai expected of their Godless and Immoral Government?