Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rozita Again. Something new. UPDATED

I thought I would be done with this story, except for the forensic aspect of it.
The Modern Pharisee is now in possession of information, given to him unsolicited. Unsolicited in the sense that I did not go research and find the lead, the lead came to me. Not unsolicited in the sense that I have put a lot of work into this subject and anyone possessed of information about Rozita, and wondering what to do with it, would probably find, and consider turning that information over, to me.

This information has now been confirmed, click on the UPDATE above to go to the new post.

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I_hate_bigots said...

I hope your sources are accurate - this is a pretty big thing if it turns out to be true.

I said it many, many times before:

For most criminals their first time prosecuted usually isn't their first crime but just the first time getting caught.

Make no mistake any cop who would dream up a hoax to make illegal searches IS A LOW LIFE CRIMINAL. A criminal who has breached their position of trust.

I hope someone is going to check some files in Colorado Springs to see if any evidence just happened to be gathered during Rozita's previous hoaxes.

That whole video of Rozita crying for her baby was as fake as can be. People with dissociation don't act like that.

The Pharisee said...

The only aspects of the story lacking confirmation IHB, are whether or not the tip that Rozita was the lesbian police couple's nanny is true, and whether or not Becky Hoerth was introduced to Rozita through this couple.

If that checks out (everything else has) then it really gets smelly. In addition, it places these folks relationship backwards about 10 years, maybe more when Rozita was about 20-23 years of age.

Jam Inn said...

Hugh you posted this and haven't verified it's accuracy? This preoccupation with female lesbians smells of Bill Medvecky. You have invested many hours in investigating this person and haven't any "proof" of anything. Good luck with your 'NANNYgate' and the YFZ Ranch charge is a decision for the Texas AG or does the CSPD Sex Crimes unit have jurisdiction and is it secretly controlled by a Nanny.

The Pharisee said...


Either show you understand what was posted, or don't bother posting here any longer. I have already rejected a number of your comments, and will probably start rejecting them altogether.

What I have said is sustantiated.

What is not substantiated yet is "nanny" relationship between Rozita and the two lesbian women.

I have shown documentary evidence, as far back as April of last year that Rozita and Becky knew each other in 1998, in Colorado Springs.

That date is now reset to 1997 by the evidence I have received so far.

If the documentary evidence I get soon supports the the story, I'll probably go ahead and name names.

As it is, if I am wrong, I embarrass no one but myself, I have not named the two women.

I have left a huge number of details out of the account so as to make it very difficult to even get an idea of who the two women are, that is, unless someone reading this blog already knows them.

I_hate_bigots said...

This is from Wikipedia:

"The CSPD has met with controversy and protest over several high-profile incidents in recent years.

The Colorado chapter of the ACLU revealed that, in conjunction with the Denver Police Department, Colorado Springs police had been spying on residents involved in nonviolent protest activity.[12]

During the 2007 St. Patrick's Day parade, the CSPD arrested several peace protesters in what was later found to be a somewhat brutal incident. All of the protesters were senior citizens. One of them, Elizabeth Fineron, was 66 and walked with the assistance of a cane. Ms. Fineron was dragged by police across the street, and suffered bloody abrasions from the incident.[13]"

Also, on March 17, 2008 a women was killed by her husband - the CSP police didn't find the husband threat to the wife "are you ready to take a bullet" credible.

The Pharisee said...

There is the interesting side effect of all of this, that Rozita either may never have been in Salt Lake City and the "was a nanny there" story was in fact a partial lie.

She is getting so young in terms of years, as we go back, that there's little room in her time line for a trip to SLC and a job, and moving to Colorado Springs, and becoming a "Nanny" there.

The origins of the Lesbian couple in CS seem firmly rooted in the community which casts doubt over whether or not she moved FROM SLC with them to Colorado Springs.

Betty said...

I'm not following why we care how long Rozita has known her room mate nor how she met her. Are you trying to prove that Rozita is a lesbian? And that is relevant how?

I_hate_bigots said...

We still need the missing link.

Connect Rozita and the Colorado Springs cop to someone who wanted to get the FLDS.

I think one of the anti-polygamy activists name Laurie(there are two) lives in Denver. I'm not sure this is the connection.

I know the new FLDS old age home is near Colorado Springs - do you think that might be the connection?

The Pharisee said...

I think it is important to know Rozita is a lesbian. It makes her bona fides as LDS somewhat questionable. I think it's an association of convenience or possibly of destructive hatred. Infiltrate and destroy would be one possible explanation.

The sheer number of lesbians GLBT sympathetic persons at the core of the LDS/FLDS opposition is getting to be too skewed from the norm to be ignored. I dont' know what the answer is for why that's the case, but I'm not going to speculate, you can do that yourself.

What is most important is the CLOSE relationship with the two CSPD officers. If for instance Rozita was hetero, her association with heterosexual females would be of no interest. If her close associates in LE are same sex and potential sexual alliances for that reason, it's important, don't think it's not.

The MOST important thing is the potential CONTROL CSPD and in particular, certain CSPD officers HAD over Rozita. How long have they had it?

Research into Rozita's past suggests she MAY have been some form of snitch or narc and may have passed herself off as a High School Student while well into her 20's.

Betty, the biggest bump in the rug here is represented by an official snitch, protected from the consequences of her actions who may have been schooled in producing "cries for help" so as to gain probable cause for warrants. That would mean a lot.

Don't kid yourself. A police snitch/informant known to have a pattern of this behavior who is protected by the police runs the ante up considerably in the evidence challenge. It doesn't pass the smell test.

I_hate_bigots said...

Has anyone checked Gay and Lesbian organizations in the Colorado Springs area?

It's such a small conservative town - openly gay women might very well know each other.

I do have to disagree with you on the gay motivation. Long and Doran aren't gay, at least not openly, and they certainly are part of this puzzle.

What scary is if your facts turn, the FLDS raid might turn out to be the tip of the iceburg. Someone should have a chat with some criminal defense lawyers in the area.

The Pharisee said...


I am in possession of a lot more information than I am publishing. I am at this point protecting the identities of the two women, until I can put a little more in the way of substantiation behind the story.

Some of the substantiation is in writing, not email, writing. I await those documents.

Betty said...

"It doesn't pass the smell test."

I think it smells like salted fish. So wrap it in tinfoil before you throw it away.

Based on my observation of long term lesbian couples, there is no group of people so completely monogamous, so prone to home renovation and so totally boring. The idea that they made Rozita into their love slave and corrupted her into doing their bidding over a series of years is not only hilarious but a informative look into your sick and twisted mind. You have confirmed my suspicion that you have nothing whatsoever but that you are for sure a few bricks shy of a load.

The Pharisee said...

Betty, you said it, I did not.

Jam Inn said...

Pharisee one of your attributes that I value is your stated belief in seeking out the Truth. How is this accomplished when fairness is taken hostage, by either side? You claim foul at being attacked by unknown individuals yet you willing placed yourself in harms way? You expect some level of decency to be afforded to you yet you have smeared Rozita's reputation repeatedly and make no apologies about it. Who struck the first blow and attacked with a view that hasn't yet been proven? It appears that Rozita is not charged and will not likely be charged if she is willing to act in her own best interests with the legal problems she is facing, especially with competent counsel. You sufferance in attacks could be caused by your own relentless actions in trying to defame/destroy someone you have never met and has only responded for you to prove your 'hoax' caller assertions. You want fairness for yourself and trample on Rozita's right to 'due process' and 'innocent until proven guilty'. You not only don't back off your unfounded accusations, you proffer no neutrality in fairness and launch into "NannyGate" and fairness is held hostage by you and no Truth has resulted.

Wage your campaign on Rozita but don't claim foul upon yourself while doing so, you have wrought the negative response by your own actions.

The Pharisee said...


You're running out of chances. IF she called (something that is now generally accepted everywhere Except in Jam Land), she struck the first blow.

If she did not call, let her sue the living daylights out of me.




I'd LOVE to have my day in court with her, all I have to do is prove she called to a majority of the jury since it will be a civil case. I think I can persuade them.

I_hate_bigots said...

A word of advice - I think this is a HUGE ISSUE if it turns out to be true.

Be very careful in verifying the info - I'm sure there are people out there who would like nothing more than to feed you false information.

I would pass this info on to a FLDS defense lawyer to verify.

Betty said...

So you're saying that if she made the hoax phone call, then you have the right to internet stalk her?

I don't know if you are breaking the law or not, but you are definitely acting unethically, and posting stuff about her life which is not public knowledge and which seems to have absolutely no relevance to the case. I know she has mental health issues, but we also now know that you do also.

The Pharisee said...

No Betty, I'm not breaking the law. Check the new post, the lead was correct, Rozita was at least, in the PRIVATE employment of two CSPD officers.