Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Obama lies about lies (Joe Wilson calls him on it) The MILITARY is our most effective Government Health Care Plan

President Obama. My first statement to you, is that you are saying you intend to cut the military, to pay for your health care plan.

THE MILITARY IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE GOVERNMENT SAFEGUARD FOR OUR HEALTH. It keeps other people from KILLING US. More blogging about the health care speech, "below the fold"->
Obama dismissed a "Lie" by lying about it, and got jeers. Good for the cat callers. The Senator Representative who yelled "YOU LIE" is from South Carolina, Joe Wilson.

He's making a claim about a large number of States with small numbers of companies. The problem is, I'm betting, without checking, that those states have mandated coverages that drive companies out of the state, like this one, Vermont.

He's claimed it is a lie, that there were death panels, but it is a lie to say there weren't.

Obama claims that "executive compensation" is the claim. He's selling anti Capitalism. We get better companies with better management, but better management wants something for that service.

Question? Does he HAVE many Republican friends? If so, I want to know who they are.

By the way, hasn't Obama been told that any MUTUAL company providing service is already a Co-op?

BIG LIE. "I will not sign a plan that will add one dime to our deficit, now, or in the future."

By the way, to keep that, he has to cut something else. The military, the most EFFICIENT guardian of our HEALTH, is the target.

He has proposed malpractice reform, but I don't believe him.

Pollyanna. If we are able to reduce the grown of the health care costs by one tenth of one percent? YOU CANNOT DO THAT. You do not CONTROL that.

Obama threatens to "Call out" inaccurate detractors.

(PICK ME, Oh, oh, oh, PICK ME!!!)

He predictably tries to call up Kennedy's ghost from the grave.

He's preaching the virtues of limited Government. Oh please, do NOT believe this man.

He's done, he made other strange claims, such as making bankruptcy seem as bad as death. He laid on the "both parties" theme and he doesn't need both parties.

Capping out of pocket expenses doesn't allow me to buy a plan I might want. One that allows me to pay most of my health care costs.

He got derisive laughter at the "details needing to be worked out."

Someone with the resources will have to fact check him.

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