Friday, September 11, 2009

PRO LIFE activist killed (Jim Pouillion) "Fuoss Gravel" President Mike Fouss also shot dead in Michigan (UPDATED DOUBLE MURDER)

While most major media are saying "unknown" with regard to identity, one blogger is saying who:
Blogging for Michigan - "I'm getting reports that Jim Poullion, the Owosso 'sign guy' has been shot and killed outside of Owosso High School.

Jim has been an anti-abortion activist for over a decade. He is known for his very confrontational manner and his extremely graphic signs which are supposed to depict aborted fetuses.

I haven't had any official confirmations on the shooting. ABC 12 is reporting that one person has been shot and killed at OHS. The news on Facebook and the Shiawassee forums is that he was shot 4 times and has died from his wounds."
Conventional name deleted politically correct coverage can be found here.

UPDATE: Conventional media is now confirming what "Blogging for Michigan" already told us early in the day:
"WEYI-TV NBC 25 - At approximately 7:20 a.m., Jim Pouillon, a prolife activiest [sic], was shot and killed at Owosso High School. The shooter then drove to Fuoss Gravel where, around 8:17 a.m., President Mike Fuoss was also shot and killed."
If there are more dead, it is not being disclosed yet. Rumors persist at "Blogging for Michigan," that there may be.
"Approximately 45 minutes after the shooting, police apprehended a suspect. At this time, NBC25 does know the name of the suspected shooter and will hold the release of his name. Police are not releasing the suspects name until warrants have been issued. The Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department says the suspect himself and witnesses are being interviewed."


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I think the paper may have withheld that because they were afraid the shooter was a potential juvenile. Later editions name everyone and suggest that the abortion photos played a part in the motive.

I saw this reading the MSU/Lion sports pages before seeing your blog. But as this paper has a pro-Stafford ("Killer") reporter it isn't exactly free from silly biases.