Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on Rozita, she did work as a nanny for CSPD officers

She did indeed perform services as a "Nanny" in the rough time frame of 1995-1997, perhaps earlier for employees of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

I spoke with one of the officers involved and confirmed their occupation, relationship, and that Rozita was their nanny. I will call this officer Alpha. I am keeping their names out of the story, as it does not appear yet, nor do I suspect, that the relationship was anything other than I have been told, by officer Alpha. Officer Beta was not interviewed. The relationship of officers Alpha and Beta is professional and personal.

When Rozita was about 20 according to Alpha, she worked for a short time (months) for Alpha and Beta as a nanny. She was terminated quickly for being unsatisfactory. Alpha is very hawkish when it comes to protecting children. Alpha could not confirm aspects of Rozita's claimed background, and discharged her. Alpha says that Rozita was referred to Alpha by a "friend" that Alpha no longer keeps close contact with, though Alpha knows that this friend is in the Colorado Springs area, still. Alpha would not give me the name of this "friend." I have offered to email Alpha so if Alpha feels it appropriate to pass this information along, Alpha can do so.

The only disturbing aspect of the story was that Alpha tried to claim that the relationship was "20 years old" which is untrue. Rozita was not of age at that time, she was 14. When pressed, Alpha said the relationship was in the 1995 time frame or earlier. This begins to seriously encroach on the time frame during which we know Rozita was with Mary Catharine Nelson in the Nashville TN area. It is disturbing that this sort of distancing is taking place since it suggests there might be something to hide. In other words, this portion of the story does not match.

Becky Hoerth is said to have testified in "discovery" regarding Rozita, on a "page 50" of that document, that she was introduced to Rozita by Alpha and Beta. Alpha says that they were in the same circle of friends, but was vague. When asked about Becky's LE connections, Alpha says she thinks Becky was "in corrections."

Alpha also offered this intersting observation. "Dana Anderson" is an alias used by Rozita. It is a combination of "Gillian Anderson" and "Dana Scully," of the actress and the character portrayed, on the "X Files."

Alpha also offered that they recused themselves, when Rozita was arrested by Alpha's department. Alpha claims not to know David Foley, ex the El Paso county prosecuter, who now represents Rozita Swinton.

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I_hate_bigots said...

Very nice job -

This is a very important fact - stunning really.

So the alleged hoax caller was previously employed by a CS cop. The alleged hoax caller was a roommate (perhaps romantic partner) of a possible corrections employee?

So we have someone with a possible corrections background living with a women with a history of TWO false phone calls. I believed someone said they shared a one bedroom.

Didn't Becky notice all the FLDS data?

What strange is I read somewhere, Becky just moved in right before the YFZ call - this doesn't seem to be true.

Did someone check Becky's phone records?

I_hate_bigots said...

What I like to know is how Kemp could NOT have also known this information!

If Kemp was honest - he would really want to know if this was a hoax or not.

All the hoaxes involved minors. Santos handles crimes against children - so WHY wouldn't she have been in charge of the orginal investigations?

Why didn't any at Colorado Springs mention Rozita used to work for one of the cops? If anything, to aid in Kemps investigation!

Also, I'm not sure but maybe it was possible Rozita wasn't a Nanny but a romantic partner?

What brought Rozita to Colorado Springs anyway?

BTW: I notice the entire lack of posts. They are probably frozen in fear thinking their little group has been exposed.

The Pharisee said...

As you can see below, Kurt, at "Contraries" is pointing to the story. The ANTI FLDS crowd is spitting and fuming.

I'm still standing.