Saturday, September 05, 2009

Cut Down Day

Are you useful to the team? I take my cues from Miami Dolphins Coach Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland, in their front office. "Blogroll" links are like players on a football team and if ultimately, there is no foreseeable future for you, you're outta here. Today's Cutdowns are:

Church of God and Messianic News. Reason for the Cut? They retired.

The Naz. A quirky Iranian ex-patriot artist who blogs infrequently. I can explain her being on the blogroll for no other reason than I found her attractive, in art, etc. She's not contributing though. Buh bye.

Medius Oriens. Great Blog. No blogging. For that reason Medius Oriens other blog, "Neda's Voice" are outta here.

Nova Scotia Scott, RPM, and I am Simon Jester. All much loved, all gone for the same reason Medius is.

PUP list (Physically Unable to Perform): Pro Libertate. He's still here but when he gets well, maybe William should think "Link Back."

More cutdowns may take place, and roster additions. To stay on the Pharisee's blogroll, these things are really important. BLOG!, Think, Be Honest, LINK BACK.

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karateka said...

I realize it is not your point of emphasis, but I think you may find common ground with La Gringa. She has an original post comparing Zelaya to Blagojevich that is extremely hilarious. You may want to check it out.

Free Blago/Honduras

Keep up the good work.

karateka said...

Looking back I realize I should have actually linked to the blog. I will throw in a few more articles on Honduras just for kicks.

reinstate democratically elected Rod Blagojevich

"Big stick policy" for Honduras and "smiling policy" for Cuba

detailed timeline of events