Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Gift of Beer

Mrs. Pharisee and I are trying to cut back. The problem is, we've cut most of what we can cut.
Today we had half a day off together, and went to Colchester VT to the Costco.

I don't enjoy driving in Vermont. I consider the drivers to be dangerous, rude and aggressive. Pedestrians too. If you ever come to Montpelier, drive very defensively. Pedestrians don't look, they just streak from sidewalk to crosswalk without warning. It doesn't get a lot better in other parts of Vermont.

Most of the Costco stores I have been to out west are very neat, clean and spacious. There aren't a lot of stray shopping carts laying about in the parking lot. Quite the opposite is true here. There were 3 shopping carts adjoining the space I parked in. Cars and pedestrians came from all directions. There was no semblance of order or obedience to traffic rules.

Inside there were people cutting in line at the food court. It's hard to navigate as well, people cut you off in the store just as they do on the highway.

Since I seem to be coming down with a cold/sore throat/nameless reperitory ailment, I was a little thin skinned anyway. Shopping around I turned down coffee, beer on sale, and settled on one luxury item, a bunch of new socks instead of beer or coffee or extra soup to stock up on for the next few weeks.

Coming out of the store, the line of carts next to my car had grown by one and I started to hold forth on the general rudeness I see in the people around here. And so in this state of mind I began to pull away from the parking spot and saw it.

The inconsiderate lout that had parked the cart so close to my car, left something underneath the cart.


Free Beer.

24 12 ounce bottles of Long Trail Amber Ale.

Thank you rude Vermonter who parked his shopping cart so close to my car I needed a can opener to get in. You made my day.

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Toes said...

There's almost always a silver lining to that dark cloud.

Or maybe a nice shivering golden-dark amber one.

Toes said...

PS Glad to hear you got new socks. It's important to keep your Toes feeling good.

The Pharisee said...

Beer and New Socks.

Life is good.