Friday, September 25, 2009

Revisiting Sean Mandel

Back in January, I may have been wrong. That happens.
That's may have been wrong, but not very. On January 21st I reported to you that I had contacted Sean Mandel of the CSPD and discovered that he had NOT been contacted by Texas, rather he had been contacted by an FBI agent he was working with on detached duty in April of the preceding year. That would be the month that the YFZ raid occurred and Rozita was apprehended.

In view of what has been discovered in the last several days, I'm forced to say this might not have been "first contact." This was indeed a "back channel" that I discovered, a sort of "carrier pigeon" network instead of the normal channel, but who contacted whom first? I have always assumed that I stumbled upon the first communication between CSPD and Texas and the FBI, but it may have been one in a long series of contacts, designed to stay OFF THE RECORD.

One of the things CSPD's IA needs to ask, and look for is who contacted who first? Was it "Beta" (Maggie's "longtime companion") or was it Maggie or did some other member of CSPD call TEXAS first and say "I think we know your caller?" The precise mechanism of the first contact between the FBI, the Texas Rangers, Sherri f David Doran and CSPD must be known. WHO called WHOM first and WHEN?

What if Maggie did the RIGHT THING and called before the kids were carted away? Before the raid took place?

PS: I'm apparently "Stalking" Rozita, assuming of course that this blogger is Rozita. It has always seemed to be her. The graphic is funny. (In case you're wondering, the smallest print says ("BTW, you're out of milk.")

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Jam Inn said...

Pharisee a prior Denver Post article credited Flora Jessop with handing over her callers number to the Texas authorities, who then called CSPD to follow-up and lead to Rozita's Arrest and Search Warrant. Becky Hoerth, not identified by name in the article, said she had moved in on April 4, 2008 to Rozita's apartment.

Flora Jessop lead to the discovery?
Let me know if you need any more rope.


April 20, 2008, update 4/21
Kirk Mitchell
(303) 954-1206

The Pharisee said...


Becky herself says in a deposition that she met Rozita through Maggie and her "Friend" in 1997.

It's possible that Flora DID file the first report, but if she did, it would have had to have been before April 10th, 2008. That still wouldn't mean she was first, but I'm comfortable with the idea that the first peep came from Flora. I just don't think it did. We have people withholding here so we do not know how long they withheld.

And I'm not hanging myself. I may be destroying any possibility of a career as a reporter if I turn out to be wrong in my conjecture, labeled as conjecture, but you continue, as many do, to imply that I have made iron clad statements, that are in fact qualified remarks.

You REALLY need to look up what "qualified remarks" are. They ABSOLVE me entirely from the responsibility of SAYING this or that thing occurred.

As to my OPINION? That is also a Qualification.

I appreciate your noting my editing error the other day, that was kind to the person involved. I am giving you some rope as a result, yourself.

Do try to have a real conversation though, as opposed to one with a Straw Man. You might do well to look that up too.

Jam Inn said...

Flora was interviewed by ABC News on April 17, 2008 and reported," Swinton became a person of interest to Texas authorities when former FLDS member Flora Jessop, who now operates a rescue mission for teenage girls trying to escape the sect, told authorities she had been getting calls from a girl claiming to be Sarah --the same girl who made the call for help to a San Angelo, Texas {NewBridge] shelter that led to the raid on the El Dorado compound. Jessop told ABC News that she --at the direction of Texas Rangers --began recording the calls in the past two weeks[30 March to 13 April]and that the Rangers were able to trace them to Colorado Springs, where the arrest was made[16 April,2008].

The actual document states that in the Arrest Warrant on 13 April Attachment "A" page 5 of 8 states," Sergeant Mandel related Texas Ranger Brooks Long had advised he had two cellular telephone number listings from Colorado Springs(719-351-0913 and 719-243-2866).

So as early as 30 March to 13 April Flora Jessop had reported and recorded phone calls that is reflected in Attachment "A" of the actual Arrest Warrant, dated 16 April, 2008. It would appear that is prior to 10 April in initiating the recording/reporting same to Texas Ranger authorities by Flora Jessop.

The Pharisee said...

I don't care. What we're looking at is new information that might change things.

cheese said...

And what about Flora's call to Brooke when she was switching planes in Dallas saying "they got the wrong guy"? Now let's see what was the date of that phone call?

The Pharisee said...

I was wondering when someone would bring that up :)

Toes said...

Looks like that was April 4.