Monday, September 14, 2009

How Does This Develop?

I've done my share of obits, and by no means do I make light of Patrick Swayze's death, but I have to question this at Drudge:
Patrick Swayze Dies... Developing...
We all knew, unfortunately, that Patrick was losing his battle with cancer. He's dead. What's to develop? He beat the odds just as Senator Kennedy did, living longer with his form of the deadly illness than most do. It was horrible at times, I am sure.

Of his movies, I liked "Road House" and "Red Dawn" the best. Both were flawed films with contrived plots. I really want to watch his last series, "The Beast," but have not had the opportunity. Patrick made it knowing he was dying, and he was in pain. But he acted. If it was that important to him I'd like to see the work he thought he'd leave behind, as his last. Patrick also had a part in "Powder Blue," a film released this year.

Perhaps Patrick regarded personal life as more important than "meaningful" film roles. He left behind his wife of 34 years; Lisa Niemi.

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