Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rozita, David Foley, Maggie Santos and Surprising things left unsaid.

Rozita's attorney David Foley has been confident from the beginning, boldly swaggering and making public statements, accurately predicting the future, and then, saying nothing more. Listen to what he said, one week after Rozita was arrested:
The San Antonio Express-News - "Texas Rangers accompanied Colorado Springs police officers last week when they searched Swinton's apartment, where they found items indicating a possible connection between Swinton and calls regarding the Eldorado compound. Swinton, who works for an insurance office, is free on $10,000 bond. Her attorney, David Foley of Colorado Springs, said he could not discuss the allegations.

'There's a lot more to this than the public is getting. I think people would be surprised. Stay tuned,' Foley said.

Her initial court appearance is set for May 1, but Foley said he expects the case will be rescheduled."
Not only did someone probably pay cash for Rozita's bond (I checked) but David Foley is ALREADY saying the case will be delayed (has it ever been) and publicly trumpeting in the press that they should "stay tuned" because he thought "people would be surprised."

He's said exactly zero after that. You can't catch David Foley. He's casually skipped court dates and had arrest warrants sworn out for his client that were later dropped, his client has traveled the country after being listed as a flight risk in the warrant (probably routine, I grant you), she has received expensive psychiatric care out of state and she has skipped in and out of the court confidently, right under the noses of the press with last minute changes in venue.

You'd think she was a rich celebrity client.

She's not. She's a simple misdemeanor defendant.

So David Foley was right, his client did get a delay, and a delay and a delay and a delay and who knows how many other delays.

Why DO you go out and say that you've got surprising things to say and then not say them and then get everything you want?

Could it be because you've got surprising things to say, and you're not saying them?

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