Monday, September 28, 2009

Think about it

In view of what I've been blogging about for the last few days, watch this, and think about it:

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Vulture said...

Now that's funny, I don't care who you are!

I_hate_bigots said...

Hey the link is broken.

Another thing to think about - now all of this could just be a coincidence but I notice a few things connected to a small area in Wisconsin.

Appleton and Fond du Lac are very close to each other - both are very small towns.

I noticed Becky is from Fond du Lac and the CSP Chief is from Appleton, WI. Another little connection is the internet crimes against children association is provided by a College in Fond du Lac. This college has a branch in DC.

Just a strange coincidence, I'm sure, but I thought I would mention it.

The Pharisee said...

There are too many "strange coincidences," some of which I am sure are just coincidences. The large number of strange coincidences just keeps increasing the chances, that they're not all coincidences.

Jam Inn said...

"I'm very proud that this department doesn't have any systemic problems. When we do have a problem with an officer, it's dealt with", says Lt. Kirk Wilson, supervisor in the Colorado Springs Internal Affairs unit. In 2008 four reported cases investigated were for two incidents of domestic violence not properly handle by Officers Mark Watson and a earlier case involving Officer Dedra Phillips/Sergeant Dennis Dougan that resulted in a homicide two days later. Then a reported claim that Officer Mark Riley had sex in his patrol car which was refuted and dismissed. Lastly, a vehicular accident head-on while Officer Christopher Pryor was responding to a call that hospitalized two passengers in the other collided car.

Lt. Maggie Santos has been involved in any recent IA investigations of note that have received Press coverage.

The Pharisee said...


The Pharisee said...

I got what I regarded as a "non responsive" answer, that was essentially an advertisement for news, that I consider to be no news, so I rejected it.

My contention still stands Jam.

So what? Make a case or don't bother me with sidebars.

I_hate_bigots said...

Kirk Wilson needs to talk with the ACLU - they don't have very good things to say about the CSP.

Chicago Mayor Daley doesn't see any major problems with the Chicago police either - So what!

I've been thing very hard about this little department - what's SO special about this little department in Colorado Springs?

This little department is working with some major city police departments - it most mean a lot of grant money too!

Why are THEY able to get the arrests? Are they just really smart - good actors - good technical ability?

Or did they just get lucky breaks like Doran did with YFZ?

Jam Inn said...

Oh, I hate bigots Sheriff's Doran luck is directly traceable to his four (4) year informant who did so much to form the investigation on Child Brides, minor abuses and insider events that well prepared the Law Enforcement to prepare plans that to a greater degree successfully allowed entrance, interrogations and searches to come off without a hitch or missing major portions of evidence needed to inform the Grand Jury of details necessary to not just bring indictments but try them to convictions, yet to be seen.

The Pharisee said...

Um, I just showed you Doran's "Informant."