Monday, April 28, 2008

Miley Cyrus Pictures and the FLDS Fiasco

Hey, isn't that an over 40 (50?) year old man with a minor child under 16 who is not fully clothed?

Pictures of Miley Cyrus where she appears semi nude have reportedly "embarrassed" the young star. Miley, who is Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter and who is best known as "Hannah Montana" is 15. Gradually we are starting to hear of her as "Miley Cyrus" not so much as "Hannah Montana." And now there are "provocative" photos of her. How Ironic, while we all wring our hands about FLDS girls being pawed over by old men. Every old man in the WORLD with a computer can now do himself a "Big Favor" with the latest copy of Vanity Fair. What is more likely to cause abuse? The Abusive Teachings of the FLDS or pictures of Miley Cyrus, former child star, now budding "virtual whore?"

This is certainly not a comment on Miley's actual virtue. I am sure her parents have kept her close and safe. But they seem to be planning the next stage in her career. I promise you it's not porn, it's suggestive. See them here. Honestly, I have no idea how long the link will last.

Now, I don't go looking for this sort of thing, but it was on the DrudgeReport. I was looking for new FLDS info and lo and behold. Her parents were right there. Weren't FLDS parents "right there?" Does this encourage the sexualization of a child? Is this an oppressive atmosphere? Does this encourage pedophilia? A lot of the pictures were taken out of doors under heavy lighting with Miley apparently naked from the waist up, save for a bedsheet. I'm sure one of the over 40 men got more of a view than we did. Where is Harvey now? Are APC's and snipers surrounding Billy Ray's home?

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bethbunting said...

I think the photos of Miley Cyrus are far too sexy and suggestive for a girl of her age - the smudged lipstick, the messy hair, the semi-nudity - I would not want MY daughter having such photos taken of herself at ANY age. She is now 42 and you can see her on her website.

I fear that Miley's promoters now think it is time to market sex and that is what they are doing. The same thing happened to Britney Spears and look at her now, poor dear.

Elizabeth Bunting