Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Animals, Arsonists and Rozita Swinton.

I admit to being a bit fascinated by Rozita Swinton, who now has her own Wikipedia Stub. Who she is and how she is motivated seems important to me. Those of you who know me may be ready now to unload a bit, as I always say motivations are not important, but I've always qualified that view. Motivations are not important if something is true. For instance, if I tell you that there is child abuse going on in a home, a 14 year old is the subject and he or she is being sexually abused, it's unimportant that I hate the family where the abuse is taking place. It's true. I may need to examine myself because of my hatred, and you may share that view, but it's true. If it's not, then my motivations become the paramount issue.

It's not true in Rozita's case and now I get to examine her in unflattering ways, and uncomplimentary ways. She's an animal, and an arsonist. The animal part is her being a collection of motivations and tactics. She's a smart animal, she's a skilled animal, but the animal label fits. Watch this video.

There are several thinks to note. Experience. Rozita knows where the camera is. This suggests experience with questioning in a police context. She doesn't want to be seen. Her legs are crossed tightly, she's hugging herself, she has the top of her head pointed towars the camera and she has her head tilted down. To hide.

Next is the content of the video. It has nothing to do with racism (unless her father is not black), it has to do with spectacle. She wants to make a big splash. Rozita has had Colorado law enforcement searching door to door for her while skillfully hiding from them. This brings me to the arsonist in Rozita.

She wishes to make a big splash that she can watch. Everyone running everywhere in a big commotion as a result of her actions. This is what the recreational arsonist wants. A big show, firefighters running around like ants, while the arsonist watches.

Nothing that Rozita says can be believed until it is documented. For instance, she has assailed her father as an incestuous child molester. So far the state of Tennessee will not substantiate this. So is Rozita a troubled victim who lashes out or did she falsely accuse her father? We won't know unless someone digs and finds out. If there was no abuse, Rozita is an evil animal, if there was, she is a pathetic one, worthy of our sympathy for her past.

Whatever the outcome of that investigation, Rozita is an arsonist at heart. She has now found a spectacular stage. The whole nation has watched for 19 days as TV and Newspapers feast on the FLDS with glee. She has graduated from keeping a whole town on puppet strings, to keeping a whole nation fixated. Rozita, the Arsonist Animal, destroying hundreds of lives, spending millions of dollars, as she watches from the dark. We should be thankful her weapon is a cell phone, not a match.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the video, and body language:

The tightly crossed legs, arms close in, hugging of self, no direct eye contact during conversation - these are all classic rape victim signals.

While I'm not a professional anything, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she has PTSD, with flashbacks. I have read that multiple personality disorder has a higher incidence in people who had been severely abused in early childhood. Put the two together, and you've easily develop a habit of calling shelters, being other people in crisis mode.

My first response? - I have a lot of compassion for her - I think she could be easily used/abused by others who manipulate trigger events. I'm not sure she is clearly responsible for her own actions. Hopefully her defense attorney has a psych evaluation scheduled.

Hugh McBryde said...

I also have mixed feelings. There is a strong desire to protect her when I see the video, there is also the knowledge that she nearly sparked a conflagration larger than that of Waco.

She will have bled Texas taxpayers of easily $50,000,000.00 or more when it's over. Lives are fungible. That money doubtless will cost someone their lives because it was taken from one deserving person and given to another.

She's genuinely pitiable in some ways, frightening in others.