Monday, April 21, 2008

Rozita Swinton Groomed as a Heroine.

Watching the Court TV segment this morning about the phony phone caller Rozita Swinton, I was astounded that Rozita is now being held up as some sort of Heroine. The press in general has reacted with curiosity when it comes to Ms. Swinton, reacting with apparent caution and then reacting with a sort of blindness and now have adopted a new approach. They're fans.

Never mind the fact that Rozita's attentions have not been confined to the "True Abusers", the FLDS and she is on medication for what has to be a mental illness and she has made up stories out of whole cloth about being a small beaten child having a baby that had NOTHING to do with the FLDS, she has a Talent. That talent is faking distress. What better place to use that talent than against the racist black hating sexually abusing FLDS?

The CNN reporter on Court TV was smiling with admiration when she announced how ironic it would be for Rozita to bring down the FLDS. There she was, cheerleading for Rozita, and admiring her. It couldn't be more clear that the press knows more than they are saying and are frankly rooting for people to take down the FLDS while we watch on national TV. The reporter, whose name I did not catch clearly believes Rozita made the calls. And she's thrilled by it.

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