Thursday, April 24, 2008

District Attorney Allison Palmer AKA "CAPTAIN OBVIOUS"

We always thought Captain Obvious was a man, it's a woman, First Assistant 51st District Attorney Allison Palmer.  From "Go San Angelo";
"Revelations that the March 29 phone call that sparked a raid on a Schleicher County polygamist compound may be a hoax have led prosecutors to doubt the reason for the original search-and-arrest warrant that granted authorities access to the YFZ Ranch."
Translation. The original search warrant was garbage. It remains to be seen if there was any reason to act on the original search warrant cause. We now know it was garbage. In addition, we know there was no informant, so there was no corroborating evidence. There was just hearsay. The source of this story is from the local paper in San Angelo, where all the legal proceedings are taking place.

"Arrests still could be made in the case, said First Assistant 51st District Attorney Allison Palmer. The raid, based on the warrant, led to the removal of 437 children from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ranch, the largest child custody action in Texas history."
Translation, we HOPE there was a Crime and we're still looking for one. Why do we hope that? Because we could all lose our jobs and be the biggest legal joke since Mike Nifong. We are admitting that after three weeks, we still haven't found a crime. We think that the pregnant teenagers are underage teenagers, we don't know for certain, and we hope they were impregnated in Texas by a male less than three years older than they are, but we don't know that either. We're hoping you won't notice that while we try to prove that even though we have NO PROBABLE CAUSE to suspect a three years plus older male sex partner, or even that the supposed crime took place in Texas or even that it took place before we changed our laws, we had no reason at all to take anyone into custody and STILL DON'T. We're holding people without charges being filed THREE WEEKS after the fact and we have no smoking gun whatsoever. We hope that when we DNA test everyone and establish paternity for everyone that we have found a crime, otherwise it's Wikipedia Sub for all of us, under IDIOT.

"If it were true that the female who identified herself as Sarah is not really Sarah, I do not feel that would be enough to (invalidate) the search warrant," Palmer said.
If it were true? Shades of Dan Rather. Is she still hoping the Tooth Fairy will show up or Santa Claus?

"Palmer used the phone calls as the probable cause necessary to secure the search-and-arrest warrant granted by District Judge Barbara Walther."
Excuse me, but did you have any reason to believe that a Colorado Springs area phone call was just maybe, a prank? In the intervening time did ANYONE think to subpoena phone records to know where the call originated from?

"Some events have shaken our belief and confidence in that probable cause," Palmer said.
Thank you CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. That's like saying "this doesn't look good" after the second jet hit the twin towers.

"Nevertheless, she added, the criminal investigation continues and still could result in arrests - even if the original reason turns out to be faulty. The arrest warrant remains active, she said, and prosecutors have not decided whether they will file a motion to withdraw or dismiss it."
Translation, it's a race to find a crime, any crime by prodding, poking, taking bodily fluids, pawing through everything these people own, breaking into their church so we can find SOME crime. This is not like the recently decided Supreme Court case where it was found police COULD keep evidence of a crime they found when they went in for false cause, namely, you can take the Coke you find as evidence and prosecute when you go in for Child Abuse and find no child, they still haven't found a crime yet. Keep REMEMBERING, a pregnant 13 year old girl is NOT evidence of a crime. It is NOT illegal to be 13 and pregnant in Texas, neither is it illegal to get a 13 year old girl pregnant.

"Probable cause is just that," Palmer said. "You're not dealing with certainties. You're dealing with probabilities."
Would you say Captain Obvious, that the probability is less than 50% now?

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