Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FLDS Children have Broken Bones.

The state of Texas is now switching focus. What's the matter? Having an admitted 22 year old man with an admitted "child bride" who is "monogamously married" to her isn't enough? Can't they just hang their case on the fact that 25 months ago Pamela Jeffs was underage and her husband is four years older than she is? Apparently not. While we wait to see if they are planning to file criminal charges against Pamela's husband, Texas offers us this, again with the inflationary language, short on specifics.

"AUSTIN (Deseret News) — The chief of protective services in Texas is telling legislators that investigators have uncovered a history of physical injuries, including broken bones, in children taken from a polygamst sect.

Commissioner Carey Cockerell, who oversees the state agency now caring for the children, said medical examinations have revealed numerous physical injuries, including broken bones in "very young children."

Well, confound it, arrest someone. Wait. "Medical examinations have revealed numerous broken bones in very young children," well at least, that's what you are meant to hear. Just as before with the pregnant underage girls, of which there may now be NONE, we have an interesting construction. First, "Numerous physical injuries" could mean they all came into Texas custody with scuffed knees and bloody elbows. Bumps on the head. Kids are like that.

Next they say "Including broken bones" which means, well, two or three kids could have had broken bones because what they say next is "very young children." These two statements are meant for you to think there are a lot of broken bones in infants. There is no definition of "very young children" here, do they mean kids under 4? Boys under 4 break arms, my 2 year old daughter took a leap off the second story of a building once, and didn't break anything, then she jumped off an awning support in my back yard into my arms and incurred a spiral fracture of her right leg. I assure you there was no abuse involved. In the first case she was walking, started to run, and squeezed through an opening in a retaining wall before her mother could catch her. In the second, well, who would have thought that dad saying, "Come here, don't climb up that" would result in her reaching for me, and breaking her leg.

They've got NOTHING yet. Maybe nothing EVER. They're feeding these stories into the public consciousness to keep their lame case afloat. Does this mean there won't be charges? Nope. There could be. Pamela Jeffs' husband could be arrested I suppose. That's going to be difficult since it doesn't fit the paradigm of fat balding sweaty old men sex perverts bending over 13 year olds. He can easily make the case he is in a common law marriage with parental permission. They might get a conviction, but it will paint Texas as a bunch of moralistic prudes imprisoning a young man for loving a younger girl and making a lifetime commitment to her. That's going to be a tough one if they try it.

Physical abuse? It means Texas is getting DESPERATE. Just as they had lots of teenage girls they wanted us to believe were sexually abused, now they are proffering lots of "very young children" with broken bones, but that's just a sound bite too. We're probably talking a couple of four year old boys with broken arms. Like that never happens.

UPDATE from the Houston Chronicle;

"Medical exams indicate that at least 41 of the 463 children in state custody had previous broken or fractured bones, said Marleigh Meisner, spokeswoman for Texas Child Protective Services."

That's less than 10%. The average citizen in a developed country has two bone breaks in their lifetime.

The rate of bone breakage among children is 11% according to one study, among children with no mental disorders, it was 22% for those with mental disorders

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