Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FLDS Women (and their men) willing to sacrifice to get their children back.

I wouldn't interpret the following as a split between the men and women of the FLDS. I'm guessing that FLDS women are acting in concert with their men. If the men are the threat, take the men out of the home, let us have our children back. Essentially to continue holding the kids then means that Texas is opposing religious freedom, stating that it's citizens do not have the rights that the US Constitution says they do.

AUSTIN, Texas (Deseret News)— "Attorneys for 38 FLDS women filed a new appeal Wednesday seeking to have more than 400 children returned to their mothers.

The petition alternatively asks the 3rd Court of Appeals to order the men to leave the YFZ Ranch and allow the children to return, or order mothers and their children to live elsewhere.

'The trial court could order the men — the alleged perpetrators of abuse — to vacate the ranch, or it could order the women to live elsewhere with the children during the pendency of the investigation,' says the petition filed by attorneys for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid."

Amended Petition for Writ of Mandamus

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