Monday, April 28, 2008

Texas Law Changed Specificly to "Get" the FLDS.

Hey, if you don't like what someone is doing, do what Rep. Harvey Hilderbran, R- Kerrville TX did. Change the law in a state full of millions of people to make something that was perviously legal, into something punishable by LIFE IN PRISON.

"A Texas lawmaker who helped pass legislation strengthening the state's marriage laws in response to the Fundamentalist LDS Church presence in his state said he believes criminal charges will result from the Eldorado raid earlier this month."

"Hilderbran's original HB3006, which was incorporated into a larger child welfare reform bill, SB6, in 2005, raised the marrying age with parental consent from 14 to 16 and included provisions that made it a first-degree felony to marry a child under the age of 16. Being convicted of doing so is punishable up to life in prison. The measures also had criminal penalties for people who officiate such a union and sanctions against parents who knowingly endorse a union and provide false information about the age of their marrying children."

From the Deseret News.

Harvey is a nearly 50 year old man, with two young daughters. Does this suggest that Harvey is married to a younger woman? I dunno, just idle thinking so far. Harvey may be the paragon of virtue. It's hard to get Biographical information on him. I don't think most men who reach 35 though and have no kids have been monks. My apologies in advance Mr. Hilderbran if I have raised a suggestion with no foundation in the truth. That would be, um, unfair.

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