Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is Texas Killing FLDS Kids? If one dies, that will be how it looks.

Of course we all hope not. That would of course be a tide turning event that makes Texas the villain, not the hero. The Salt Lake Tribune;

"At least three children taken from a polygamous sect's ranch are in the hospital and attorneys for their mothers say they have received little or no information about their conditions. Attorneys for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) are working to identify the children, the hospitals, and to arrange for their mothers to visit the children. 'We can't seem to get anyone on the phone with authority to make that happen and the mothers don't even know the seriousness of the situation,' said Amanda Chisholm, a TRLA attorney.
The legal aid society, which represents 48 mothers, said one 2-year-old child lost a severe amount of weight while staying at the San Angelo Coliseum.
TRLA said the organization was told two days ago that the child was in shock and lethargic, but has received no new information since then about where the child is or regarding her current health situation."

We know that when Texas wants to manipulate FLDS mothers, they lie to them (go with your kids or you will NEVER get them back). We know when Texas wants to paint a picture of abuse, they lie to us, in terms of numbers by exaggerating them (as in 40 moms are in shelters by their own choice, not telling us that at least 17 are there to stay with their children). We know over 20 FLDS kids came down with chicken pox shortly after they were sent to the San Angelo Concentration Camp (excuse me, Colosseum). Texas asks us to believe there are 20-25 "abused underage girls" when in fact there are one or two that MIGHT be, (and that would only be if Texas turns out to be right). There are missing kids, kids sick enough to be hospitalized. Isn't Texas doing a GREAT JOB? The mother of this child is not being allowed to visit her. Unless they think they have a case of Münchhausen by proxy, why is this being done?

Of course, with the state involved, the news comes out well after the actual event, so they can create a cover story. Damage control. Fine. I have no problem with wanting to control damage but it is in that environment that crimes of the state are covered up altogether. Damage control gone wild is a cover up.


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