Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just a curious question or two Regarding the Fake FLDS Sarah.

Rozita has a brother. Courtney, who has been arrested for drug possession in Nashville. According to Rozita's Arrest Warrant, one of the cell phones was purchased in his name. Records show that he lived in the same apartment complex as Rozita, if in fact he really lived there. Utility records show he did not.

Additionally the warrant shows that a "Freddie Brinson" purchased a cell phone in Nashville TN. The social security number was fictitious. Rozita called many shelters and agencies, one was the "Abuse Counseling and Treatment Center" in Fort Myers FL. There is a Freddie Brinson who doesn't work too terribly far from there, I won't say where, but it's at an agency having something to do with adoption and foster care. Rozita always seems to call as a distressed pregnant teenager with a small child.

Rozita has probably had help. Someone buys cell phones for her or she does a lot of traveling. Back to Nashville to visit relatives, to Seattle for whatever. We probably don't know how many places she's gotten cell phones from but she plans this, carefully.

When connecting dots like this, sometimes the answers are curious, sometimes they are interesting, sometimes they mean something. I'd like to know if they mean something, and if they do, what do they mean?

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