Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gary Demar's fascination with the FLDS and Polygyny

Over at American Vision, my old acquaintance Gary Demar has this to say:

“Once the Bible is rejected as a standard for moral values, then everything is up for grabs. It’s getting more difficult to argue against polygamy after the way consensual homosexuality is being legalized.”
I do not agree, and we’ve talked about this, that abandoning the Bible is requirement for supporting polygyny. I disagree entirely. I agree that legal homosexual relationships make it hard to refuse polygynists or polygamists. I’d be happy to debate you publicly rather than privately on this subject.

When I was "coming out" with my views on polygyny, my mother connected me again with Gary and we debated the topic briefly, and privately on the phone. Gary's eventual exasperated response was "Why don't you go just get another wife?" This is because he had no refutation.

I remind him AGAIN of that conversation, and point out that he has no business whatsoever claiming publicly that polygyny is against scripture when he privately has been unable to offer a refutation. Gary, any time you want to have the debate I'm ready, but this time it has to be public.

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