Friday, April 18, 2008

The Eldorado Polygamy Solution

Just make it legal. All of this preaching about underage marriage and felonies and other stupidity is just that, STUPIDITY.

You can't stop 13 year olds from having sex legally ANYWHERE in this country. Why? Because somewhere in this country is a venue where you can go and get people who are 13 years old married, legally. If preventing 13 year old sex with people of any age was the real issue, it would not be possible to do that. But it is.

What isn't legal is a Polygynous marriage of a 13 year old. Can anybody tell me in this libertine age why it's OK for a girl to be deflowered at 13 by a man who can only deflower her? The law says it is perfectly fine. In fact, if that man is willing to spread his attentions around to other women that are "of age" then he hasn't got a problem. He only has a problem when he's sewing his oats with two underage girls at the same time. I cannot for the life of me understand how this helps the first 13 year old. It's more traumatizing if her husband has two sex partners, of which she is only one? If you have someone's junk inserted into you when you're thirteen and his other sex partner is 18, that's OK? The law says it is.

Make Polygyny LEGAL. Then you can ask the FLDS to go before a judge somewhere in this country and authorize their marriages. Then it is real easy to prosecute when they don't.

Also Polygyny and Polygamy can't possibly be the real issue with the law, since they aren't rounding up men and prosecuting them for their Polygyny. The word "Polygamy" and the phrase "Polygamous sect" are being plastered all over the place but the only real issue is illegal sex with 13 year olds and there is a form of legal sex with 13 year olds. So the issue isn't even the other banner word that is being plastered all over the place. That being "underage."

What a farce.

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