Friday, April 18, 2008

Who has been arrested?

Setting aside for the moment that nearly every woman and child at "Yearning for Zion" ranch was in fact, arrested and concentrating on who law enforcement has REALLY arrested, the arrests are instructive.

Most prominent so far is Rozita Swinton. The Gazette of Colorado Springs says she has been arrested in connection with the Eldorado Incident.

Most prominently NOT arrested is Dale Barlow. Now figure it out for yourselves. How does a black woman in Colorado Springs know ANYTHING about the goings on in Eldorado? She watches the news, she read the newspapers. One of the bad things about the FLDS is that they are probably racist. Have you ever SEEN a black member of the FLDS? She had no intimate knowledge of the FLDS so if she is "Sarah", she picked Dale's name out of the newspaper.

Two FLDS men have been arrested for interfering with the investigation. One is charged with a 3rd Class Felony, another with a misdemeanor. Neither of the crimes are sexual in nature, or violent.

April 3rd, Texas crossed the border of private property in search of a non existent abused 16 year old, switched their investigation to crimes that supposedly were seen while they were there, and haven't arrested one single soul for a sex related crime, or a crime related to abuse. That could change, but when you haven't found anything for 15 days, maybe you were wrong to look in the first place.

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