Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Arrest that man!

From the Salt Lake Tribune;

"(Pamela) Jeffs is one of 26 women CPS says is a minor - although a court document prepared by a state investigator lists her as 18. Attorney Rod Parker, an FLDS spokesman, also said Jeffs is 18.
'Her husband is 22 and they are a monogamous couple,' Parker said, noting the father 'is being deprived of the opportunity to spend those first special moments with his son on a basis that makes no common sense. Infant babies are not going to be indoctrinated.'
The couple also have a 16-month-old son, who is being held at The Children's Shelter in Austin.
Crimmins said Jeffs and her infant will be placed in a shelter together, assuring their safety. CPS has allowed mothers to remain with infants 12 months old or younger who are in state custody.
Crimmins said that all 26 females now deemed to be minors have children. CPS previously identified five teenagers who were 15 or 16 when they conceived a child."

This story is absolutely loaded.

First of all, Texas has come forward with no proof whatsoever that the girl in question is not 18. They have asserted that, but haven't demonstrated that. In addition, the FLDS who have been never known so far to lie in their public pronouncements state that her "husband" is 22. Judging by the age of their child, Texas may have a case right here, but they have to prove she is not monogamously married to her husband and also married without her parents consent. A case will be made by defense council that they are married "common law" or that the statute of limitations has run out on his previous "Crime" with Pamela or that the effective date of the law that governs this issue was after she became pregnant with their first child. If you will note here that the age difference (4 years) and the declaration of paternity the FLDS is admitting, then if there was a crime they've already shot themselves in the foot. Pamela Jeffs' husband should be arrested. There is no warrant yet.

Why are they holding Pamela Jeffs? As their attorney states, the infant cannot be indoctrinated. It's highly unlikely her 16 month old could be either. There is no concept of prior restraint when it comes to free speech anyway. They'd have to be shown to be indoctrinating their child and then it would have to be shown they were indoctrinating their child to do something illegal. Even THEN that's a tough call. This is prior restraint of free speech and an abridgment of our Freedom of Religion. Either they must charge Pamela Jeffs' husband, or they should let them go.

As far as the remaining "children", there has been no statement from Texas as to what ages the "children with children" are other than the upper limit. For all we know there are only 17 year old "children with children." Someone needs to ask the age distribution. Not all of the girls they are holding have kids or have been pregnant according to Texas, so why do they keep mentioning 53, when they say now that only 26 are minors with children? As I told you before, the numbers Texas gives you intially to make their case, keep going down, if in fact a high number makes their case. The numbers Texas gives us have always behaved in a fashion initially favorable to their case, then they change.

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