Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rozita Swinton is an Obama Delegate, A distance Runner and went to High School in Tennesee.

She runs in distance races, finishing 526th out of 660 in the Briargate Family YMCA Turkey Trot 5k in 2006. Apparently she is not a very good runner. She came in 62nd out of 62 in the 2006 Nielson Challenge. Rozita had the largest handicap and came in last. She was dead last before in her age group in 2005 in the State Games of America in Colorado Springs.

She may be this "Rozita Swinton" who went to Stratford County High School in Nashville and also to Pearl-Cohn High School also in Nashville. This links up with a floating claim on the internet that I have not confirmed that she was calling from a Tennessee cell phone number. Stratford County High School promoted distance running. In Yahoo People search, there is a listing for a "Rozita Swinton" in Nashville Tennessee, so it may be that this is not the same person. The ages match though, the year that the Rozita Swinton of Pearl-Cohn and Stratford High are said to be set to graduate, 1992, would make Rozita Swinton of those schools be 34 sometime this year, assuming she graduated on time. Rozita is listed as being 33 in news articles now.

UPDATE. (Daily Camera) She is from Tennessee for certain. This makes it virtually certain that the Rozita Swinton of Nashville who is about the same age, is in fact the same Rozita Swinton that is Texas person of interest.

UPDATE. the PDF of the arrest warrant confirms several things. Rozita used at least one Tennessee prepaid cell phone bought at a "Family Dollar" store in Tennessee. There was a fake SS Number given and the person that bought the cell phone was named "Freddie Brinson", probably an alias. Rozita has also involved her drug convicted brother in the mess, either having him purchase phones or buying them in his name. Someone bought a cell phone for her use as far away as the Seattle area. Read the arrest warrant.

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Attachment A, page 4 of 8. end of second full paragraph.

" . . . during which time 'Dana Anderson' had told Ms. Pierce she
was in Texas with a relative named Maria."