Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Sarah" and the FLDS, Guilty until proven innocent.

I have been watching the Eldorado FLDS news story unfold, as many of you have. In the "Deseret Morning news" the emerging FLDS "Spokeswoman" Monica says the following;
"Now they are trying to get another girl to confess that she is the girl they are looking for. That girl doesn't exist,"
In forums, and privately to my friends, I've been saying that for days. To be more accurate, I've been saying it's one of the more real possibilities. Had they found her, they'd be parading her about in front of the cameras, albeit with her face blanked out and some sort of pseudonym to "protect her identity" so as to give authorities the grossly abused child that justifies their behavior. The most likely answer? She does not exist. That is why over a hundred women some forcibly separated from their children haven't given "Sarah" up. There is no "Sarah".

I admit, it's still possible she will turn up but each day that passes casts doubt that she ever existed. Texas authorities are now accusing young women that say they are in their twenties of being much younger and trying to browbeat them into saying that they are. I don't doubt the FLDS women, they seem unskilled at lying. When confronted on Television about things they don't want to talk about they become visibly upset and resort to saying things like they "don't want to talk about it". That's the response of an honest person who doesn't want to reveal something. So when Monica says there is no Sarah, she doesn't exist, it's because that's what she believes. In that small a group, she probably believes that because it is true.

How hard is it to find a 16 year old now pregnant mom who has had broken ribs from being beaten who has already given birth? They've narrowed the search keeping girls or women with children under 5. Are they going to wait until someone shows a bump? Are they going to trick them into taking pregnancy tests and narrow the field a bit more?

Here we have the law using all it's power of restraint, of others, to prove their case. Everybody is guilty until proven innocent. All possible "Sarah's" are kept, questioned, have their rights violated and are threatened with the removal of their children. Shouldn't they be able to say "I'm not Sarah" and go home?

According to Maggie Lineback of FoxNews, the state of Texas is now saying it doesn't have enough foster families to take in all the kids. Was Texas duped? If so was it one of their own, overzealous and rabid with hatred of the FLDS? Was it the FLDS trying to make the outside world look stupid and justify it's own paranoia to the faithful? Was it another FLDS enemy like Flora Jessop?

UPDATES: Radio Talk show host Michael Savage is SCREAMING it.

The Salt Lake Tribune is asking as well.

UPDATE: Oh yes Flora IS in the middle of it. As of 4/17 it seems ABC has found the 33 year old hoaxer.

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