Friday, April 25, 2008

Coat hanger abortions and FLDS Polygamy. The winning scenario for Texas vs the FLDS and Polygyny

For those that love our liberty in this country, for those who know what that liberty is made up of in our Constitution, there has never been any doubt. Once the facts of the FLDS/YFZ raid were known, the raid was the abomination, not the potential practices of the FLDS.

Only the most blinkered of us think that there are no "underage marriages" among the FLDS. Indeed, it's rather easy to suppose that some of those marriages are to men that are well past the 3 year age difference limit that immunize those males from criminal prosecution in the pregnancies of young girls. Texas is trying to keep the ball in play until they can prove something like this occurred. CNN reports:

"Also Thursday, Texas child protection officials said more children were moved from a temporary shelter at a San Angelo, Texas, coliseum into foster care. Among them were 25 girls believed to be minors -- all of them with children -- who had previously claimed to be older than 18.

The District Court motion filed Wednesday requests that Walther conduct a hearing to determine whether 'good ground' existed to issue the two search warrants in connection with the raid."

Texas believes that if they can keep the kids long enough, and keep the mothers long enough, they will find at least one of them that had sex with a male that is over 3 years in difference of age than she is. This is from a group of 25 girls they THINK are underage who SAY they are not. Once they find this person, they will then continue to keep as many kids as possible and rely on public revulsion for this act to excuse their destruction of our rights. Every time someone rises to defend their rights (and consequently all of our rights) they will be assailed with images of overweight, wrinkly, ugly old men thrusting on 13 year old girls who are supposed to be unwilling. This is the "coat hanger" argument of the anti polygyny crowd for just as back alley coat hanger abortions are waved in our face to justify elective abortions, creepy old men deflowering cowering beautiful virginal young girls will be the talisman waved in our faces to convince us that all polygyny is bad.

The facts remain. A pregnant 13 year old is not evidence of a crime. This is true because 13 year olds can get pregnant in entirely legal circumstances and in fact they do so regularly. A lot of them in open society get pregnant by a boy within three years of age of them, and get an abortion.

A "young looking" girl that claims to be 18 and is pregnant and doesn't want to testify otherwise is not evidence of a crime. For the above reason, and because of the presumption of innocence. The guilt is not even hers since if there was a crime, it would have been committed by someone else.

The state of Texas entered the YFZ ranch as the evidence presented in my last post shows, knowing that the alleged perpetrator was not there and probably hadn't been. They entered the YFZ ranch without taking advantage of the now considerable power to trace phone calls and see where they came from. They then proceeded to assume that certain things seen while they were there amounted to evidence of a crime when in fact MOST of the time such things are encountered elsewhere, they are NOT evidence of a crime. A lot of pregnant 13 year old girls have not been legally raped. They have a worthless boyfriend who is close to their own age.

So, now we are down to 25 girls who SAY they are not under the age of 18. In truth, they could even be above the age of 17 and things would be OK. The state of Texas is interrogating them, holding them against their will, or using their children to keep them under the state's control so as to continue to examine evidence until a crime can be discovered. It is by no means certain that such a crime will ever be discovered. They don't know who committed the crime. They don't exactly know what the crime was. They don't know where it was committed. They don't know for sure it was committed when it was actually a crime (Texas law HAS changed recently). They don't know who the crime was committed against. They don't even know if the statute of limitations has expired on a crime that they may discover. What they do know is that if there is a crime, the bodies of the 25 girls they still have are part of the evidence chain for that crime.

So they search, and search and search and search in the FAITH that with all they have heard and been told about the FLDS, they WILL find a crime. This is not within the scope of the original warrant, not even now. What Texas hopes to do is make us see grunting old sweaty men popping Viagra, popping little girl's cherries and no sooner than grunting and rolling off their terrified victims, finding another little girl to abuse. If they can find ONE GIRL by false imprisonment, illegal search and seizure, a girl whose name they do not yet know, they can succeed in distracting us from the truth of what they have done by waiving that bloody coat hanger in our faces. We'll give them a pass, and they know that. Never mind the fact that if they came to YOUR church, rounded up everyone, went through all their stuff and looked and looked and looked, they would probably find something wrong as well. A porn stash. A pregnant teenager. Marijuana. Evidence of tax evasion. Something. It wouldn't be right to have any of those things in our congregations or homes but they would be there. Worse yet, they could be made to look like they were there, and we will have put out the welcome mat for our own destruction by telling the police they can go anywhere.

Do you know why police have on occasion, planted evidence? To justify an illegal search and seizure. The most nightmarish scenario for you, John Q. Public is that they WON'T find anything when they search your houses, so it will be put there, so as to keep the invader safe.

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