Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ABC's and John Quiñones Unconscionable Monstrous LIE.

(Elissa Wall and the ABC crew depicted getting ready for their bigotry inspiring faux news bit).

John Quiñones was on ABC's 20/20 Tuesday evening staging a fictional event, purporting to be a "forced" polygamous marriage. Supposedly, a 15 year old girl is in a restaurant, crying, not wanting to marry, but it's all staged, and they've got Elissa Wall there going on and on about how bad it all is.

BUT IT IS FAKE. Watch the staged "Forced into Polygamy in Public."

Remember, it is a fake. The lines are made up.

A 15 year old girl is not being forced to marry.

The OLD MAN who is her "prospective Husband" is going to TEACH her to SUBMIT, (except, he is not).

The story is designed to create hatred of the FLDS.

This NEVER happened.

This is as bad as NBC's staged exploding gas tank.

If you can't find the news at YFZ, what the heck? MAKE IT UP.

These people KNOW that a good percentage of the people who watch the show, will come away with the impression that this actually happened or represents something that did actually happen.

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Toes said...

And the bookstores will go "ca-ching" with the extra sales of Wall's book tomorrow.

duaneh1 said...

I also saw this show. It was nothing more than hate mongering.
So very sad! Did anyone see the very beginning, when that FLDS woman told off John Q., that was my favorite part of the show.
What can one do? Could the FLDS file a lawsuit if they were so inclined?

The Pharisee said...

I think there is a lawsuit there. This wasn't "Someone being forced into (marriage - servitude - whatever) by a generic oppressor, this was a thinly disguised public portrayal of the FLDS as rapist pedophiles.

The man has a severe affect. The girl appears helpless. It plays on the stereotyping that has been pushed in the press for years, and has Flora Jessop acolyte Elissa Wall as "director" and narrator.

This is an attempt to inflame hatred against the FLDS. They should sue.

Other pieces that evening had more generic oppressors and the object was to see if someone would help an abused or attacked person. The FLDS piece was not that, it was a sham to air a Nazi type "Jews are Rats" vignette.

Maayan said...

oh no!! This is terrible.... We should try to stop it. this again harms all the flds people.......

hope nowling said...

wow. really? this is pathetic. this show is staged for TV and it's viewers know that. no one will walk away with thoughts in regard to FLDS that they didn't already have to begin with. Get over yourself.

The Pharisee said...

It plays to stereotypes, that really don't exist "hope." As for "getting over myself," this post is over four years old. I stand by what I said, and don't delete what I've written, but as far as "getting over yourself" goes, as a method of behaving yourself, I'd think you need to abide by your own maxim.