Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blogroll Pruning, Adding, and the Sticking out of my Neck

I have a passion for submarines and regrettably dumped what I think is my last WW2 Submarine Blog, the "Search for the Grunion." The story is old, the topic obscure and the publishers of the blog, most importantly, aren't updating it that often, so away it goes along with "The Institute for American Culture"
for the same reasons I dumped "The Nose on your Face," I can't figure out their feed issues, so they don't update. Crazy Leo Oshkosh is gone for not updating often enough, along with "The Crossroads." Alas.

I have filled the cleared spots, which are not under some hard and fast numerical limit, with blogs following Vermont's S-115. This is a bit dangerous because I live where I can hear the demonstrations both for and against the bill. Literally.

Texas has always been far away, but this debate is close to home. Not all of the blogs, if any, reflect my point of view. The will hopefully, inform.

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Moonaroo said...

On your movie list, I noted that one of your favorites is
"Das Boot." It is one of my favorites as well. I didn't even know you had a submarine blog.

The Pharisee said...

I have the luxury of being able to watch it in German, because my wife speaks the language.

I almost joined the Navy, with the specific intention of serving on a submarine.

Moonaroo said...

I saw it in German too, it was subtitled though, is there an English version?

The Pharisee said...

Yes, and I have it on DVD. I don't watch it that often as it is long, I like to try to watch it all the way through.

Originally, it was a made for TV miniseries for German Television, that was edited and converted for theatrical release.