Sunday, March 01, 2009

Paul Harvey 1918 - 2009 (Good Day & Good Bye)

The list of things Paul Harvey did, is too long to mention. That, is merely one of his many legacies.

One of Mr. Harvey's talents, was the ability to make you like him. I know he did that to me. My early jobs were in broadcasting and Paul's weird delivery bothered me. After a while it became his signature. Mr. Harvey's off the beaten track news stood as counterpoint every midday to the processed stuff that passed for news on the networks.

Paul also did a bit called, "The Rest of the Story" in which you were asked to guess, before he told you, who or what event he was talking about. It was essentially the popular figures we all knew or stories we all knew, from a different angle. How he found them all I will never know except that it must have involved incredibly hard work and research.

I only remember one of them, but it probably turned the tide for me as far as disliking him and his unique approach, to liking him. He did a "Rest of the Story" on marriage, and the fact that the early puritans forbade church marriage. So intensely did the puritans dislike the ritual of church marriage, that they called it satanic. I never knew that, until Paul told me.

Good life, Paul.

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Anonymous said...

If and when I heard his voice on the radio I ALWAYS listened, I didn't have to learn to like him it was just natural; I considered him a true American!

Carol said...

We truly lost an American icon with Mr. Harvey's death. How I wish he could have remained with us through the upcoming months to voice his opinion on "The Rest of the Story."