Friday, March 27, 2009

Rozita Speaks, pathetic non interest of Press, Government and Police revealed. (UPDATED)

Rozita is Pitching a Fit, so from now on out, the Modern Pharisee will substitute Medusa as her Image whenever she is referred to by this blog. First of all, I would like to say, that as nearly as I can determine, this (picture removed, Medusa substituted) is in fact Rozita Estraletta Swinton who is the only person alive that is a candidate for the caller that sparked the largest case of child abuse in United States History. The Child Abuse was in fact Rozita, by proxy, harming 439 children through the state of Texas. By the way, the picture here, is from her "MySpace" page, and give you an idea of how she sees herself. The child abuser, as Narcisist, and believing herself to be an "artlover?"

"Sooooooo check this out!

I think this will be my best blog yet.

I've been surfing the net a lot lately and have taken notice that I have a lot of fans and a lot of enemies out there. How could that be I'm a Princess. LOL

Here's the deal. I was checking out this one website that doesn't even deserve me to mention it, so I will refer to him as the unstable blogger on Blogger, that has a nice ring to it. As some of you have noticed he follows my blog I feel honored. Not only do I feel honored, but apparently he loves me because he has spoken of me on his blog more than himself. I would like to say thank you unstable blogger. As I checked out his labels because nothing else on his site was interesting I saw that I have been mentioned 85 times and that does not include other labels that have my name on it. That is more than anything he has ever blogged about. What was his life like before I entered the picture? He appears to be a very lonely man who needs lots of attention and confirmation. He has only blogged about himself (all about me) 34 times. Does this tell a story that goes deeper than we know?"
I posted this reply to Rozita on her blog.

Until we know why it is that you called Newbridge (and other places) pretending to be a member of the FLDS and pretending to be in distress, it is not possible to clear up the whole mess.

As it stands now, you are one of the largest child abusers in United States history. It would help you if you would be entirely honest about what led up to the calls.

It would help the families, who could then help their children.

It would clear up the issue of whether or not Texas had probable cause.

If you were to go, in your many travels, to the office of Rod Parker in Salt Lake City, and make a statement, under oath, regarding anything they might ask, and answer all questions without reservation, I wouldn't have a thing to say about you, other than 'thank you.' "
I am in fact the blogger than mentions her 85 times by "Label." As of this writing, 86.

First of all, why I think this is Rozita. I shall bore you with methodology for a moment, so bear with me. I noticed Rozita's blog shortly after it began to be published, but did not really think it was her. Several events subsequently occurred that led me to a high degree of certainty, that it was in fact Rozita.

Rozita stayed with the Chris (Clark?) family in Burley Idaho over Thanksgiving weekend last year. Numerous pictures of her were taken at that time. Her friends have chosen to target this blog with claims of copyright infringement, so I can no longer publish them here, unless I wish to fight for that right. They're published elsewhere now on sites I do not own. At the very end of February, this year, Chris, who claims Rozita as a "daughter" (that must be foster daughter), posted the pictures on his My Space page, apparently unaware of her notriety or unaware of how easily accessable they would be. On his then OPEN MySpace page (it has since been set to private and then deleted altogether) he had friends, some of whom commented from time to time, one of them was a poster named "Daughter of a KING," whose MySpace page is identified with the following URL: Research of other MySpace accounts showed that the "Rozitas" MySpace account had been posting since at least 2006 under that account and that name. Rozitas also had commented on Chris's page (which exists now only in cache). If it is a ruse, it is an elaborate ruse taking advantage of fantastic coincidences or involving long planning going back at least three years and two years prior to the YFZ raid. The simplest explanation? The MySpace page of "Daughter of a KING" is in fact that of Rozita E. Swinton. Chris (Clark?) of Burley, who tends bar in Albion did in fact post pictures of her because she did in fact visit Burley Idaho in November of 2008, probably staying into December.

Immediately prior to the closing of Chris (Clark's?) MySpace page to the public, Rozitas of MySpace changed her profile picture, to match that of the "What Princess Says Goes" blogspot, making it nearly certain that "Rozitas, " the MySpace account, and were owned by the same person. Thus, "What Princess Says Goes" = "Rozitas" in MySpace = woman identified as Rozita at "Chris (Clark's?) MySpace page = Rozita Estraletta Swinton, the instigator of the YFZ raid in April of last year.

This same person is now blogging about me, and blogging about my interest in her, and that is the subject of this post.

Rozita has now feigned that this in fact is her first interest in my blog, which devotes considerable time to her. Rozita has been here before, trolling and watching as she did when she sparked concern around Colorado Springs and Castle Rock Colorado with her phony phone calls. It is entirely possible, indeed PROBABLE that posts by "Annomymous" on my blog are hers, and that other posters (since I closed my blog to annonymous comment) have posted here feigning to be someone caring about the topic, but not in fact her.

This degree of contact, between myself, and between Rozita Swinton, who is a probable child abuser of the highest magnitude (in terms of numbers) is clear embarrasment to press, police and government. I'm now dialoguing, and have probably been dialoguing with the most crucial witness in the whole FLDS/YFZ raid fiasco, and no one seems to care.

Shame on you all. If I can talk to her, why can't you?

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Carol said...

I am glad to see your comment was posted. I don't believe she is permitting any posting she finds disagreeable.

The Pharisee said...

She hasn't posted them all.

mhojho said...

It is interesting that she has coram non judice on her blog roll.
It appears she is LDS. Any connection think you?

The Pharisee said...

Rozita claims to be LDS, and apparently sees Coram as a sympathetic site.

mhojho said...


To bad we don't have real detectives (besides you) anymore
that are willing to investigate.
Isn't she going to trial soon?

The Pharisee said...

Officially? In May sometime, no specific date yet. Really? Probably never, her lawyer specializes in the plea bargain.

Texas I doubt, will ever charge her.

ztgstmv said...

I wish she'd wipe that grin off her face and fess up. As of now, she's not denying it. A NORMAL person -- indeed a human being with a thinking brain -- would address your concerns directly rather than playing this childish game. It makes one wonder whether she really has a brain. How does she deal with the fact that she caused children, babies, to be taken from their mothers, screaming.

The woman is nothing but a rabid chimp. She has no empathy. She is not worthy to be called a human being.

The Pharisee said...


We are all in God's image.

BlArthurHu said...

Yup, that's Rosita all right. Anonymous is probably her other personality.

Carol said...

Let us speculate for a minute.

IF it was not Rozita who placed the calls, she is being used by someone and is being blamed for a lot of misery to many innocent people.
If I were she and knew who placed the calls, I would surely come forward and clear my name.

Yes, all we know about the previous calls, the numbers, the location and those who have said she had placed such calls before, there was definately someone who was familiar with the ranch and people. It appears this person wants Rozita to protect her/him, at the expense of Rozita's reputation.
The thought that horrifies me, if one of the young men were frightened enough to have fired a weapon thinking it could protect his family, there would have been a blood bath considering the amount of fire power brought to the ranch to rescue "Sarah." I am so thankful the FLDS had no thoughts or even weapons to protect themselves. They did not even know for what they were being accused!

The Pharisee said...

Which is why I have and will continue to call her an arsonist.

It is only the restraint of the men of the FLDS that prevented loss of life. It is their restraint that has kept Rozita free, since otherwise, by now, she would certainly have been charged with murder.

artlover said...

It’s Interesting that you would give someone else credit for my postings to you. This is exactly why I stop posting on your blog. Your paranoia is ridiculous. Don’t give someone else credit for my comments to you because you don’t know who I am. What you want to track me down now?

The Pharisee said...


Didn't say it was you. I said it could be you, something I still stick to for now. I am open to correction but your interest in Rozita has never been explained. I don't see you blog on her, you haven't GOT a blog (unless you are Rozita), and you write a bit like the poster in the summer I had that was anonymous and that I still think was Rozita. We've been through this before.

Furthermore, your interest seems to coincide with interest in me on her part. Of course, I can understand her interest because I am ferociously interested in her.

What I don't understand other than it's an easy sound bite is why you call this paranoia.

There is a woman named Rozita Swinton. She does have a blog. She does appear to be located from time to time with what my dim tools can tell me, in Illinois. When you post, I get hits from Illinois. When she looks at my blog, I get hits from Illinois. I thus think "maybe she's in Illinois" and I think MAYBE it's you.

I can't help it that when someone deliberately misdirects that in trying to follow them I end up going down wrong paths. That's quite normal. It has been my experience that if I keep going down wrong paths, I eventually take a right path, and find what I'm looking for.

I don't care that much if I look stupid in the process. I only care that there is a chunk of cheese in the maze, and eventually I'll find it.

If you're not the cheese, well and good, and I apologize. I can assure you that I am trustworthy and if you were to prove to me that you're NOT Rozita, I would never say anything but you were not Rozita.

What's funny though, is that you're a nobody. To my knowledge you do not post in a lot of places. "artlover" is a very generic name. You aren't claiming to be anyone in particular. For certain, there is a real persona behind the Google ID "artlover" but as far as I know you could be anyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Dick Butkis. Or you could be the "January Man."

I'm just guessing here, but I know Rozita does visit this blog and I know it probably wasn't the first time when she wrote her blog entry "labels." I'm going to guess, artlover could equal Rozita Swinton. Or not.

If you're not her, of course I suggest you are her incorrectly. If you are her, of course the problem is she lies regularly and is alleged to have D.I.D.

You could of course choose to help me with narrowing down what a monstrous criminal is doing, by calling me, identifying yourself and proving otherwise. I have no motivation to expose an ordinary person who simply is interested in Rozita, but if you did prove otherwise I would have one dark alley to not go down, again.

Remember, to my knowledge you have no other internet posting presence other than posting on my blog about Rozita. We don't know who you are. I cannot possibly harm you by speculating that you are Rozita. An internet mask with limited interests and posting is hardly an asset that you have to preserve.