Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Barack Obama says "Critics tend to Criticize" - The Presidential News Conference

The man is babbling. What have we done? Obama is going on and on and making no sense at all when asked questions about the economy. It's one thing to evade with nice sounding nothings. Obama sounds as if he lit a fat one, strolled out onto the stage, and thinks he's profound.

I'm a critic. I'm criticizing. UPDATE: He finally listed his accomplishment.


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Moonaroo said...

Did he have to look at the teleprompter in order to figure out what to say or was he just trying to figure out what to say?

The Pharisee said...

That's the man without a teleprompter.

Carol said...

Have you seen the video on YouTube of Obama BOWING to the king of Saudia? (Yes, I am shouting bowing)
The president of the US does not bow to anyone.
I thought he was going to kiss the king's ring but it appears he remembered himself.
I am mortified this is our president and makes me wonder where his alliance really is.