Friday, March 06, 2009

The Well Coordinated Attack on YFZ. Kafka's Trial?

When the FBI swooped in and served their warrant, complete with the noxious Federal Sealed Warrant, the idea was from the get go, to layer their attack on the FLDS so that defeating any one portion of it, was futile.
The plethora of warrants, some sealed, some not, created a maze impossible for the defense to navigate. The goal has been it would seem, to keep evidence questions at bay, until convictions could be obtained, and perhaps rewrite history in the process, so that the causes of going into YFZ, were the causes stated at the outset. Does anybody KNOW what is in the sealed warrant? How Kafkaesque.

The debate has been over the evidence, and if it was legally seized.
The San Angelo Standard-Times - "It's a debate that has been short-circuited in Texas by the presence of a sealed federal warrant, which has made moot efforts to stop the state's search and return the evidence. With the state's criminal case against the 12 defendants still in the early stages, the argument that evidence of wrongdoing found at the ranch should be thrown out is likely still to come."
The response of the FLDS? To flank the feds and the state of Texas, in Arizona, where the prosecution pretends not to want to use YFZ evidence, but Judge Conn suspects, that they will eventually have to. Conn seeks a showdown on this, before the trial. Further, Piccarreta writes;
"The Texas authorities used a hoax phone call as an excuse for staging a massively intrusive raid upon a disfavored religious group," the motion states. "Under the guise of looking for a man they knew was not there and a child that did not exist, the Texas authorities conducted a general search to see what they could find."
And of course, if it is proved, that they were there, just to see what they could find, regardless of jurisdiction, that will influence and taint evidence gathered at YFZ and may lead to the unsealing of the Federal Warrant, long before the trial of the FLDS men in Texas, this fall.

In "The Trial," Josef K., wakes up one day and is arrested, for reasons never he is never told, and prosecuted for a crime he is never told about.

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A copy of the original warrant is now linked to "The Plural Life."