Monday, March 02, 2009

Fisking Fabulous Teresa Steed's Latest Escapade

(Fisk?) Regardless of what you may think of the FLDS, you can't call the women or girls immature or childish. This is first rate bait and switch.
The Dallas Morning News/AP - "Texas child welfare authorities have asked a judge to order (17 year old Teresa Steed) to submit to a psychological evaluation after she showed up to an appointment for genetic testing with someone else's baby."
What, did they want to know how she could be such a formidable opponent at such a young age? First she stonewalled them back in November, now they can't seem to find out which baby she brought with her, until they DNA test the child, and find out, they've been fooled again.
"(Teresa) had previously refused to disclose the whereabouts of the infant born in June, when she was 16 and shortly after she and the other 437 children taken from the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado were returned to their parents from foster care."
Aw, did a hopeless mind controlled 16 year old blow you off? Too smart for you?
"(Teresa) teen produced a baby purported to be her biological child for genetic testing in January, but tests revealed she is not the infant's biological mother, said Child Protective Services attorney John Dolezal in a court filing on Thursday."
I think what this means is that back when we thought she had caved to pressure, Teresa not only fooled them, she fooled us all. I seriously like this woman (Yes, a 17 year old CAN be a woman). Dang, why does she have to be married already? I was so disappointed, now I'm so pumped she pulled the wool over my eyes, and theirs too.
"State officials believe (Teresa Steed) was married to a man in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when she was 14. In Texas, someone younger than 17 generally cannot consent to sex with an adult, and The Associated Press is withholding her name because it generally does not name possible victims of sex crimes."
That's ok, I'm not. She'll be 18 in 6 months anyway.
" 'It appears that (the girl) has been separated from her child,' (CPS lead attorney d'jour John R.) Dolezal said in the filing."
It appears that you have no idea who the child is, where the child is, and Teresa has been pulling of a job of acting that makes her the overlooked real winner of the Oscar for Best Actress this year.
"The agency is also concerned the girl is 'being improperly influenced, against her best interest, into making choices to not produce her child and to produce another individual's child,' he wrote."
No, this is an intelligent adult in all ways except age alone. She's protecting her child cunningly from people she doesn't trust who have lied to her family. She's doing it for good reason. She knows that if she can pull it off for another 6 months, she can tell CPS to take a hike. She doesn't believe the state when they say they aren't trying to get custody of her child and she figures that if they don't see see the child before she turns 18, she'll have a lot better chance. Hows that for a rational reason? A mom thinks enhancing her baby's chances to remain with her mother, is a good thing and acts to preserve that.
"CPS officials have said they want to ensure the infant is safe and are not seeking custody."
Yeah. Right. Sure. Mom knows that the infant is safe and that CPS can't seek custody if they can't find the child.
"The girl's attorney, Kelly Ellis, is on maternity leave and couldn't immediately be reached for comment on Monday."
What's this? Did they try to get at Teresa Steed while her lawyer was otherwise occupied? That's what it looks like to me.

Willie Jessop weighed in on the fascinating situation;
"The department has reaffirmed that they're not trustworthy. She was concerned that they would take the baby."
Jessop said.
"A hearing in the teen's case is scheduled for Friday."
Oh, I think this is shaping up to be a fun week.
"Her case is one of just two remaining cases in what was initially one of the largest custody cases in U.S. history."
And now we have the first official PRESS acknowledgment that I know of, that Bill Medvecky told us the truth back on February 17th. There are only two children left. Merrianne Jessop, and Teresa Steed's child. This has become though, the proverbial riddle, wrapped up in an enigma. The problem is it all might be wrapped up in a misdirection and layered under a mystery. No one including me knows what's up, except those at the heart of the matter. Teresa intends to keep her child away from CPS, and I don't blame her at all.

If I got any of this wrong, I hope I got someone at CPS to believe me. It doesn't look like that because of the way the San Angelo Standard-Times is reporting the story.

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ztgstmv said...

Thing that boggles my mind is, when they say they're concerned about the "child's safety" is it the teen girl or her baby?

If it's the baby, then...well...that's a different child, and they've got to open a new case don't they?

Otherwise, well, the young woman's almost an adult for crying out loud. Maybe she needs a criminal lawyer as well, since she's being given the full court press by not only CPS (jurisdiction since she's a "child" of 17), but the AG's office as well (jurisdiction since she's an adult of 17 for criminal purposes).

Oh the FBI as well...maybe they should put her baby on the 10 most wanted list.

Moonaroo said...

Hmmm...that is impressive. However, I would be more impressed if she were completely on her own and able to pull off the same bait and switch. I suspect that this young girl has many people in her life to guide her and inform her choices.

Carol said...

I am very concerned about what this girl's bravery will cause for her. Walther will throw the book at her and probably the mother of the child. I know her reasons, even though CPS said they would not take her child, they lie a lot! They could take her and her baby back into custody. I am proud of her to have have courage to stand up to them.