Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ok, so it's two Teenage Girls.

I've been hearing a lot lately, and getting a lot wrong, and some of it right, and then wrong again about just exactly WHO it is, that is still under CPS scrutiny. Finally, the official story. I have the number right.

And the "Who" half right.
"The massive child custody case has dwindled to only two children who remain under court oversight. One is a 14-year-old girl authorities allege was married at age 12 to FLDS leader Warren Jeffs. The other is a girl state authorities claim was married at 14 and gave birth to a boy at 16. (She is 17 now.)

Texas CPS officials confirmed to the Deseret News on Tuesday that aside from the two cases still pending, the remaining families are no longer required to attend classes, counseling or be followed up on by caseworkers.

'We worked closely with all of the families, through the services we offered and through the work and monitoring by our caseworkers, to ensure that the children were safe and protected,' agency spokesman Patrick Crimmins said. 'With the exception of two children, CPS is now out of these cases entirely.' "
Of course, that's Patrick Crimmins, and he's fibbed in sincere sounding fashion to me before so there would still be a grain of salt to apply, but I think we can rely on his statement here. He would be too easily found out by a prominent press outlet.

So we learn several things. It is a nearly 18 year old girl, the mother not of a girl, but a boy, that is still subject to a CPS suit. The child itself is not subject to the suit. That mother is Teresa Steed. She's about to "age out" of the system in five months, and tell the state to go take a hike.

There is Merrianne Jessop, the 14 (soon to be 15 year old) "child bride" of Warren Jeffs, who is ludicrously in physical custody while Warren languishes behind bars. There is little danger that the "sexual territory" of the prophet would be compromised on the outside, yet the state pretends there is such a danger. There is no safer woman or girl in all of YFZ. Texas CPS though engages in ludicrous prior restraint over the "fear" of an event that almost certainly would never happen. The potential "reassignment" of Merrianne Jessop to another husband.

Then there is the infuriating "newspeak" of the CPS about "offering services." If allowed, the FLDS I am sure, would chew the hand off to the elbow, that "offered" them such "services." Offered? OFFERED?? These "services" are gross invasions of privacy and disruptions of lives and endangerment of lives are being shoved down the collective throats of the FLDS. For such statements to be printed without qualification is noxious. I have remarked on it before, there should be an accompanying explanation every time such verbiage is offered by Texas, that the FLDS don't see them as being "offered" nor do they see them as "services."

Like I said, it's a lot like Texas saying they "offer" execution, as a "service" to men on death row.

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TxBlogger said...

'With the exception of two children, CPS is now out of these cases entirely.' "

That is not what Lucy Ling reported on Oprah today. She claimed that CPS/LE is continuing to monitor the ranch and that many residents hadn't returned because they didn't want to live under that level of scrutiny.

I felt so disgusted by she and Oprah's attitudes. And the redundant salacious questions she asked the girls. Marriage, marriage, marriage. Could they leave when they wanted. Who decides who and when they marry. She went in there like an investigative journalist and came out with nothing new. Journalist should have to disclose if they plan to smile to your face, the show clips of the footage and roll their eyes, sneer and smirk at the responses on national tv- as if she and Oprah are any kind of authorities OR properly informed.

Some of the men were interviewed and it concluded with an interview with Willie. I think they show a repeat of the show, but haven't checked for the details.

"Offered services". ROFLOL