Monday, March 30, 2009

Rozita Swinton claims to have left the country. UPDATED

On the anniversary of the Raid, and the eve of her own trial on other charges in Colorado, is Rozita Swinton claiming to have left the country?

At the page one of her overt declared Lesbian Friends, Rozita Swinton claims to have left the country. On her "MySpace" page "Daughter of a KING" she said she was moving a few days ago. On that page she posts as both "Pretty in PINK" another ID which also goes back to 2007 as "Daughter of a KING." As "Pretty in PINK" she both signs "Rozita" and claims the blog This acquaintance/friend graduated it would seem, with the class of '96 from Falcon High School, in El Paso county Colorado. That's Colorado Springs folks.
"Hey Stranger! I have a blog that I started a couple weeks ago.
Check it out! Feel free to leave comments I accept anonymous comments if you don't have a google account. I hope your doing well.
Keep Smiling! Rozita"
Based on the CLAIM on her other and/or newer MySpace identity that she lives in Ontario Canada, and her claim on "Daughter of a KING" that she is moving, by her own admission, she has left the country. I am also getting a lot of recent hits from Ontario Canada in the same time frame.

Rozita has also been this individual's friend now for nearly two years, her posts as "Daughter of a KING" dating back to July 3rd of 2007 and as "Pretty in PINK" back to September 4th, 2007.

UPDATE. The owner of the MySpace page has made a convincing presentation that she is not a close friend of Rozita, but a passing acquaintance. For that reason I am at least for now, removing references to her home page and her name. What is odd is that this paints a portrait of a young woman trapped in the idea that she is still in High School, and hanging out with High School students in Colorado Springs, pretending to be one of them.

It has been suggested to me by a friend that this is what a "NARC" does. It's a totally wild speculation, but could it be that Rozita was such a person, employed by law enforcement to befriend High School students, as if she was one herself?

Right now, I caution, that's just wild speculation, under the heading of "What if?"

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BlArthurHu said...

So we do have definitive evidence that she is or just hangs out with lesbians? This whole LGBT side of the FLDS story remains completely buried by the media, considering how wholeheartedly the LGBT community normally flocks to ANY story with a gay angle to it.

The Pharisee said...

You've seen the picture of her roommate I take it, I published it earlier. We know the agenda of her foster mother. She's never been linked to a "boy" friend. She's never been pregnant. She's 34. This woman she has kept contact with is a long time acquaintance and is overtly homosexual.

Ok, that doesn't mean she's a Lesbian but it's starting to look really really a lot like she is.

I by no means think that all Lesbians share a common agenda because they are that way, but Rozita seems to have fallen in with a group of women that look and/or act like men and want to and are built like fire hydrants. They seem to have an active hatred for "antique" religiously based roles, and she purports to be LDS.

I contend that because being Lesbian/Gay is fashionable at the moment, and a "media protected" species, no one will ask the questions.

I've said it before.

She's abused (supposedly), sexually abused (supposedly) and that makes her someone we are not allowed to question.

She's female.

She's black.

She's mentally ill as a result perhaps of her supposed victim status.

She's apparently lesbian.

There is not a soul in the media willing to connect any of those characteristics with the motivations she may or may not have for calling in a hoax. They're scared of being labeled racist/sexist/homophobe/mean-insensitive.

By contrast the FLDS are white and religious throwbacks. It's no contest. No one wants to ask the questions and no one wants to elevate them over her, so she gets a pass.

God forbid that there could be some sort of militant gay/lesbian agenda in which really ugly fat masculine homosexual women hate and wish to harm polygynists. The problem is, that based on the group of people attacking the FLDS, and based on who they are, there's no hope at all that anyone is willing to observe that could be the real deal.

Anonymous said...

One need not look further than Ms. Voss herself, who ordered the kidnapping of 432 children from the ranch.

But if one does look further they will bump into other feminist macho-she-men, like Natalie Malonis, who may not be gay like Voss, but sure acts like it (particularly the way she was coming on to Teresa Jeffs at 1AM in her bedroom).