Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Patrick Crimmins Looks forward to another chance to "Provide" (testimony...)

I find this wording rich.

Patrick is so used to substituting the word "provide" for something objectionable, he uses even when he is about to get the snapping rubber glove treatment. Bend over Pat, we're coming in for a look. I think the services might be provided to you. Maybe.
"We look forward to working with the committee to provide any information we can about the Eldorado case, and about our efforts on behalf of the children who were affected," Texas CPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins said in an e-mail (to the Deseret News).
I'll bet. It was probably more fun to "provide services" to the FLDS. Ever the Liar. I know from personal experience you can't trust anything coming out of that pie hole. Oh, is my bias showing? (Hey Pat, I got your services for ya, RIGHT HERE....)

But I digress.

So far I cannot see anything but a desire to apply whitewash on the horizon with political "Nothing Speak" like this;
"At the start of a hearing of the Texas House Human Services Committee on Tuesday, Rep. Patrick Rose, D-Dripping Springs, announced the formation of the subcommittee.

'The situation in Eldorado over the interim presented real challenges for the department and real challenges for the state," Rose said. "A lot of us have been talking about those issues during the interim.'

Rose said the subcommittee will schedule hearings in the coming weeks and would present a final report to the legislative committee, but he did not say what its specific focus would be.

'Those of us who are on the committee … care deeply about what we can learn, what lessons learned from that experience are,' he said."
My only hope is that the unavoidable truth that comes out of this will be the big bump in the budget rug no one wants to talk about. Perhaps it will be too big to avoid. With shrinking overall revenue and a growing eyesore of an expenditure lump no one wants to acknowledge, it will be increasingly hard not to talk about it.
"FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop welcomed the news of the subcommittee.

'There is no downside for this to be thoroughly investigated,' he told the Deseret News on Tuesday. 'I know what we've spent. It's cost millions of millions of dollars and disrupted thousands of lives. I think we've been dying for our day in court and I'm hoping they'll invite participation from the FLDS.' "
He may get his chance, but I wouldn't build my life around it or my hopes if I were him. However, this is like a game of Russian Roulette for the State of Texas. Every public statement, every hearing, every attempt at a whitewash runs the real chance of the truth getting out of control, and getting out.

More here, at the Dallas Morning News, the Austin American Statesman, KXAN and the San Angelo Standard Times.

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Anonymous said...

How many more utterances from this unctuous piece of slime about "providing services" and "efforts on the children's behalf"? When will people realize the dark truth that what the above entails is pure kidnapping and extortion. When will people become afraid and angry?

I fully expect Crimmins and the CPS lawyers to tell the committee the same thing they told the Supreme Court when they were trying to KEEP the toddlers that were ripped from their mothers: "It was an unprecedented situation. We did what we had to do with the limited resources. Children were being abused, we just didn't know which ones, and still don't" blah blah blah.

Me said...

So where is the child that's been abused? Can Texas even produce one? They are going to have a hard time saying a virgin is the victim of sexual abuse. How can the men be charged with "aggravated" sexual abuse when there are no victims, or witnesses?

I think you can pretty well wrap this one up with two words, RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION.

What other community in all of America, let alone Texas, can endure this much scrutiny into every personal detail of their lives and come out so clean and so void of crime? No drugs, no violence, no crime, period! They didn't even have guns to defend themselves with!

Sounds like their religious training is superb. Could it be that their religious leader is also innocent? Yes, and soon all the world will know it, to the shame of those who have persecuted him.