Thursday, March 05, 2009

What is Colorado Thinking?


We are asked to believe that this is Rozita. Remember that this was taken while Rozita is out on Bail with two cases pending in Douglas and El Paso Counties in Colorado.

The picture is taken a bare minimum of two states and just under 800 miles away from the places that Rozita is charged with or convicted of offenses and awaiting sentencing. As of this moment I have a call in to Douglas County and to El Paso county asking them if it is normal procedure to release a high profile defendant who is under investigation in Texas and the subject of possible subpoenas in both Arizona and Texas to travel out of state.

I have also asked if is a violation of her bail. This series of photographs, the first one published early this morning, shows Rozita in a variety of settings and activities.

Consider that Rozita is on the internet in this picture. Her laptop computer is hooked to a telephone "dial up" connection as two children peer at what she is doing. Nothing wrong with that, except that Rozita narrowly misses being one of the biggest mass murders in US History by virtue of the fact that the FLDS did not resist. She's sitting with two small children.

Rozita also by my interpretation is one of the biggest child abusers in recent US History. The trauma inflicted on the over 400 children taken in April last year will scar them for the rest of their lives. Hopefully they will recover quickly and make the most of their experience, but nothing changes the fact that this woman set off a chain of events that traumatized hundreds of children. Rozita, is a mass child abuser. She's sitting with two small children.

Furthermore, by comparing several of these newer photographs with the blog we are supposed to believe is hers it is highly likely that the portion of the woman's face on the blog of this "princess" is in fact a portion of a picture of Rozita Swinton. Since there are precious few pictures of Rozita available, it stands to reason that the author of the blog knows Rozita or has access to her or those close to her. We are supposed to believe it is her, probably because it is her, and this is what she says on her blog.
"I enjoy traveling and helping to better the lives of the less fortunate. I have traveled to El Salvador and Venezuela to help build bridges and build homes for orphans. There is a huge void in my life when I'm not helping people."
In that we are asked to believe that this is Rozita, I have a message for her. You are not capable, in your lifetime, of rectifying the wrongs you have done already. Judging from the quality of your "help," it would be best if you spend your life NOT helping anyone. That would be the greatest help you could provide. Please, just go away. You couch your "help" in terms of filling a void in your life. You are not helping anyone, you are doing this for entirely selfish reasons. No one wants or needs that sort of help.
"I have a huge heart & Family is number #1 to me."
No, remember? You have a huge void you are trying to fill. Try to fill that void, and then perhaps you will do less harm. The game of life is a loss to you so far, try to start by doing what is right, confess to your complete involvement, how you came to be involved, who was involved if anyone, with you, and what you did regarding the FLDS at YFZ. Make the atonement that you can make.
"I'm down to earth and funny and have lots of great stories to tell."
Oh yeah, that whole business last April was a scream. You brought the coliseum down with the wails of children pulled from their mothers. You're a regular laugh riot.
"Once you have meet me you will never meet another person like me."
On this we agree.

Also at the "What Princess Says" blog, which we are asked to believe is Rozita's she has a scrolling Motto that says "Well behaved women rarely make History."

I disagree. Mary, the mother of Christ was well behaved, she made history. It's what KIND of history you make. Jezebel and Athaliah made history too. I wouldn't want to make their kind. If your just trying to make your mark, you've done that already.

I am a bit nervous about the information I have received. There is always the possibility that it is an elaborate misdirection. We already know Rozita specializes in that sort of thing.

One of two things has happened here. I have every reason to believe the photographs were taken when and where I am told they were taken, placing Rozita outside Colorado. If this was done deliberately to set off Pro FLDS forces, then it hardly helps Rozita. Stirring up a bunch of publicity about her gallivanting around the country will only serve to place her under more scrutiny in the future, if it doesn't land her in jail. So either someone is engaging in their idea of fun, with what appears to be genuine access to Rozita, or it's really Rozita, really doing what she is purported to be doing, when she is said to have done it.

In the latter case, I have to wonder what Colorado thinks it was doing. At this very moment we would have every reason to believe that an unrepentant Rozita is up to her old tricks, "Helping Someone."

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ztgstmv said...

Are those Flora Jessop's kids? Or nieces?

The Pharisee said...

Could be, for all I know. I have an investigation team working on it right now.


The Mod Pharisee Squad. I have operatives.

My late father in law did live right up the street. Talk about falling right into your lap.