Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oakland's bad day

Never in the History of Oakland, have so many lost their lives in the line of duty. It has never been my desire to disparage the police forces of this country with my complaints regarding them during the last year. A police officer is a special sort of person who must make quick decisions and obey his superiors. Without such people we generally would be in graver danger from each other, than we are from them. Pictured to the left, Sgt Mark Dunakin.
The Oakland Tribune - "The three veteran officers killed were sergeants: Mark Dunakin, 40, of Tracy, a traffic officer with the department since 1991; Erv Romans, 43, of Danville, a 13-year veteran with the force; and Dan Sakai, 35, a nine-year veteran, police said.

Romans and Sakai were SWAT team members. It was the first time any sergeant in the department had been slain."
A fourth officer, John Hege, lies gravely and perhaps was mortally wounded and has now passed away (UPDATE). If he survives, he will have disabling brain damage.

I will not picture, or mention the human debris that chose to shoot rather than submit to those who are ministers of God for our own good. I pray and hope you will as well, for the man still living and the families of the officers and for the Oakland Police Department.

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