Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just in case you think Teresa Steed is Acting for effect.

You think the FLDS "teen" who has a child is blowing this out of proportion? Is she pandering to sympathy? Shouldn't she trust the state's motives?

Just because they lie to her is no reason for her to play tricks on them to keep the baby away from the state is it?
The Salt Lake Tribune - "The state and attorneys for the girl and her mother agreed in November to a 'meet and greet' where caseworkers could observe the infant, not take DNA, he said.

But representatives of the Texas Attorney General's Office also showed up and performed the test.

'We don't know what their motives are but one thing we do know is it's not about protecting [the girl] or her baby,' Jessop said."
I always wonder why such facts are not reported at the time they were learned. I have a tendency to read most relevant articles on the topic, perhaps I missed it. Here Brooke Adams reveals that Teresa Steed shows up for the "meet and greet" (why she has to do this, I don't know) and we find trust is the first thing to be violated. All it was, was a sham to get DNA from the child.

Texas is not treating any of these children, as children and is not concerned for their well being beyond keeping them alive for evidence harvesting (the child) or hostage taking (Merrianne Jessop, Teresa Jeffs). They have no concern for their person, for their futures or for their happiness or health. They're TISSUE SAMPLES in an EVIDENCE locker.

After Teresa Steed has been lied to once by Texas Brown Shirts, why wouldn't she play games with them the next time? She clearly believes that whatever meeting it is that the state wishes to have, is misrepresented as to reason. They want the child. She doesn't want them to have the child.

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cheese said...

What they want to do, is thrust a dagger into the very heart of a happy home! They're NAZI's plain and simple. And it doesn't matter that blues thinks about it!

Anonymous said...

they think the flds women are brainwashed and thus "stupid"

blues thinks(hopes)it will land her in jail, his agenda is black and white bow to the law or go to jail-- heil hitler

it just doesn,t promote clean morals to make laws against living ones religion, especially with the morals our great lawmakers display
on a daily basis