Sunday, March 29, 2009

One year ago.

There was a call, to the NewBridge Family Shelter in San Angelo.

For the next several days, no one thinks to check (or do they?) on the origin of that call. At least we are led to believe that this was the first day "Sarah" called. Events are set in motion that create the biggest child custody abuse case in US History.
The Deseret News - "We wanted to find out if those children had been abused and neglected and do whatever we needed to do to protect them from being harmed in the future," (Patrick) Crimmins said. "We believe we've done that."
Well, almost, there's one case left to go, and when you give her back, you will have protected "them" from being harmed in the future. So long as you don't go back.
"If (local CPS) had been doing this case, it would have been done completely different," CASA executive director Debra Brown told the San Angelo Standard-Times. "But it went to Austin, to the bureaucrats. The whole about-face was kind of weird."
Why didn't the locals handle it? Doesn't the immediate shift to Austin suggest that someone was waiting for an opportunity?

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