Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thoughtful Thinkers Think? (UPDATED)

Yup. Obamessiah just said that, on 60 minutes, and no one called him on it.

On a bad blogging day I don't think I've said something that awkward. A really good singer is said to be able to perform the phone book, and make it interesting. Is Obama that great a politician or is it just that they're all in awe of their idea of who he is?

UPDATE: Lest ye doubt me, the exact quote from the transcript is:

"How-- how long are we going to go? Are we going to just keep on going until-- you know, the entire Muslim world and Arab world-- despises us? Do we think that's really going to make us safer? I-- I don't know-- a lot of thoughtful thinkers, liberal or conservative-- who think that that was the right approach."
That version of the transcript is at the "Huffington Post" and there's one available at Fox News as well.

If you want to watch, AND hear Obama Bungle, it's at the end of this You Tube segment.

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Steve said...

Obama during the campaign was the tabla rasa that we projected what we wanted onto him. When he doesn't comply with our image of what he should be, he brings first confusion, then discomfort and finally anger.
It's going to be a long four years for him.

cheese said...

Better be careful. "MAD" may have a copyright on that picture and Blues will tattle on you!!

AST said...

I saw similar cartoons of George Bush as a chimp and as Alfred E. Newman when he was first elected, and I thought it was pretty childish, but, upon your assurance that you are strictly non-partisan and given the start to Obama's administration, I'll chuckle politely in my home. However, I draw the line at posting a link, since you've already gotten an Instalanche.

nomilk said...

How many thoughtful thoughts could a thoughtful thinker think if a thoughtful thinker could think thoughtful thoughts?

The Pharisee said...

This sounds like a question for Winnie the Pooh.