Friday, March 20, 2009

A word about "Gay Marriage" blogroll additions

You may notice I have added (for the time being), a few blogs about Vermont Marriage Legislation, and some are from the Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual perspective.

It should be noted that in attempting to find sources of information on the topic, they're the only place to go. Vermont Freedom to Marry keeps an excellent archive of Vermont hearings and public comment. I haven't found anyone else doing so. They're offered by the pro "gay marriage" site without comment, which is to their credit. Of course, it's easy to be above the fray in appearance, when you're winning the legislative war.

It is my intention to remove most of such pro "gay marriage" sites from the blogroll when the issue is passed or fails, until it perhaps, comes up again. The number of exceedingly vile sites that came up when I researched the topic was surprising even for me. I of course, did not link to them.

Hopefully the readership of the Modern Pharisee will take the information at face value and appreciate the fact that I already did a little research, and kept you away from opinions that while relevant, are perhaps too extreme for the Christian sensibility.

Statistically, it is my understanding that gay men represent a greater portion of the entire homosexual community than do lesbians. It then becomes interesting that the majority of testimony on the homosexual side of public comment, is coming from "Lesbian Partners" and advocates of "gay marriage." That then asks the question of whether or not the gay male side of the issue isn't so presentable, for the camera, or suggests that we are more accepting of Lesbians, than gay men.

Such legislation is of interest, because it is a legal precursor to legalized polygyny and polygamy. I do not see the issues as morally connected, but they are legally connected.

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Moonaroo said...

This is just a guess, based on the demographic that I have had the most personal contact with, more gay men than women have high profile, high paying careers and it behooves them to stay "in the closet" professionally. Also, I think that more women couples than men want to have or have children, so the legalization of marriage is more important to them in that respect.