Monday, March 16, 2009

Calling Paul Anthony

Paul is of course, a reporter for the San Angelo Standard-Times. 8 days ago he wrote an article that has cause a bit of a stir.
Initially I wrote the little factoid that is causing that stir at both "Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart" and "Contraries," off as a typo. And wrote a letter. And Toes, wrote a letter. And no one responded.

Toes blogged the question.

No response.

Kurt, blogged the question based on Toes.

No response.

So I called.

It's a typo. Paul Anthony does not recall writing the 22nd as the date that Sarah/Rozita began to call Newbridge and says that offhand, if that's what he wrote, it was in error.

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Carol said...

Is this a CYA? Why did it take so long for him to respond?
How do we know the exact date the first call was made to Newbridge?
Is he going to make a correction to this "typo"?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I wouldn't take anything at face value at this point. If I were FLDS lawyers, I would subpoena everything I could get my hands on, including phone company records and every last person involved. Then compare notes.