Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rozita Fooled you ONCE, shame on her, But Now she's fooled you TWICE, shame on you.

Ok Press, THAT'S TWICE Rozita Swinton has avoided you. First on Friday she slips in early and ALONE, with a new "do" and terminator glasses. Of course, nothing's wrong, it's just one of those things, so and so the prosecutor, had to "be in Denver" later that morning. That's ONCE.

Then Monday, neither SHE nor her ATTORNEY show for the court date that has been splattered all over the press. Instead, she slips in TUESDAY after "making a mistake" about the time and place and needing to show up, and the court goes along with it, canceling the arrest warrant. There was the curious phrasing in the notification to the press late Monday afternoon that they'd have more TOMORROW which virtually screamed that they were in contact with Ms. Swinton. The exact words that Kathleen Walsh used were;

"I will not have further information until tomorrow (Tuesday) at the earliest."

We now know what this probably meant, "I'm in ongoing discussions with the client and her attorney, we'll let you know, maybe tomorrow (Tuesday)." David Foley doesn't show up because he knows she won't be there. Rozita doesn't show up Monday either. David talks to the court, and we sneak Rozita in on Tuesday.

I'm sorry, but I'd be so hot right now if I were the press that I'd have a private detective on Rozita like icing on cake until the next court date. There's CLEARLY a story here. CLEARLY people don't want us or you to know what it is. Heck guys and gals, if you're not going to do your job, why not send me about $5000.00, I'll QUIT my job and I'll go down to Colorado, find her, and tail her until she DOES show up in court the next time.

You're BEING HAD. You're being had by Rozita, and her attorney and the Colorado courts and by the state of Texas, and you're going around like lambs to the slaughter, acting like nothing is wrong. WAKE UP. THIS IS A STORY!

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blog648 said...

I believe Ms. Swinton has been painted as somewhat of a red herring by the authorities, and the press has played along. The FLDS are portrayed as a pedophile ring, and that seems to resonate with the public and tends to get Texas off the hook for botching the YFZ raid and attempted mass kidnaping. It's the more popular view and sells more newspapers and boosts viewer ratings. It's not in the best interest of the media to push this Rozita Swinton story too much. And of course, the same goes for the state of Texas. I don't know why the Colorado courts seem to be so complacent, though.

Lucille said...

Agreed. The main reason this case has gone on so long is because people react in an almost pavlovian fashion when they hear "child abuse" or "rape", and don't bother to actually ask "what's the evidence?"

But things are righting themselves, at least somewhat.