Wednesday, October 29, 2008

37 FLDS Kids left

Out of 439 actual children in custody after the FLDS raid, only a handful remain.

"Texas Child Protective Services officials confirmed on Wednesday that 402 children have now been dropped from court oversight, bringing the total number of people nonsuited in the case to 428. The Deseret News' ongoing tally includes 26 'disputed minors,' FLDS women who CPS originally believed were minors but were nonsuited when the agency confirmed they were adults.

That leaves only 37 children left with pending lawsuits, agency spokesman Patrick Crimmins said in an e-mail."

37 out of 439. That's 8%. That's one out of 12. I think at this point it would be a good strategy for FLDS parents to name each and every one of the children still under suit. Then the question should be asked of Texas 39 times. Was THIS one of the children you saw pregnant on the ranch that day? Next question asked 39 times: Was this one of the girls who HAD been pregnant? Next question: Was this one of the "Children you saw with children?" If any of the children still left are boys, then of course, the question doesn't have to be asked as many times.

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kbp said...

Humor works well at this point, and it's getting better every day!



CPS needs to look on the bright side.

Maybe all 37 of the children will admit to having their bones broken, or being made to go out and chop wood for the ovens in the Temple.


The smart people in Texas will be buying stock in the company that makes KY Jelly.

Once those damage awards start coming in, the good old boys are going to need something to ease the intrusion.

Bend over txblusman, this won't hurt... much