Monday, October 06, 2008

Real Life Polygyny

Check out the blog of Moroni Jessop. He gives a warts an all assessment of himself, of Polygyny as a real life experience and of getting and having two wives. One of the quotes discussing real life issues in a Polygyny and advice he got from a man with more experience in the area;

"I emailed him and told him, 'They’re always mad at me. What should I do?'

He sent me back this smug reply: 'Well, I’m happy for you. Be glad that they are mad at you, and not each other.' "

And here is another;

"When she was in labor with Alex (in 2005), she could hear the nurses in the hallway whispering to themselves about 'that girl in there is a polygamist' and other things. They didn't know that she could hear them.

The OB doctor came in and asked Temple right to her face if she was a plural wife. She admitted that she was.

He answered, 'Well, I could never live that way, and my personal beliefs would prevent me from living that way. But I don't hold anything against you for it.'

First of all, I have TONS of respect for someone who will ask me to my face, instead of whispering behind my back. Second, his live-and-let-live attitude is the bedrock of what makes America great. If we all felt that way about each other...

Anyway, my wife liked him so much that she continued using him for her third pregnancy. Not only that, but many other women in our community use his services as well.

A nurse recently reported to someone in my community the following story: There was a group of doctors and nurses congregating in the break room, badmouthing the polygamists in the White Mountain area. My wife's OB doctor listened for a while, and then he said, 'Many of my patients are dirty, they have venereal diseases and they don't want the children they are having. Many of the polygamous women are my patients. They are clean, they don't have diseases, their children are happy and well-cared for, and the parents want those children.'

The room went quiet, and the doctor stood up and walked out of the room."

Moroni also goes into encountering the opinions of others, particularly those he allowed to document his family's experience and his own ego adjustments as he first seems to regard himself as a "catch" for a plural bride, and instead, has his pride cut down to size.

It's real. As real as real can get. Check it out.

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Disciple said...

Wow! Super reply from that OB! May God bless him richly - and open the eyes of those unthinking, foolish people to whom he spoke.

Disciple said...

Yes, his is a really nice blog!